You Will Thank Yourself For Storage

You Will Thank Yourself For StorageYou may address a number of different points with your redesign or remodel project. You may look to add more natural light to a room. You may finally incorporate a kitchen island into your floor plan. A single redesign project can do so many things for a space in your home. One factor that you should never forget is storage. You will thank yourself for more storage in the future, every time. One hesitates to ever make the claim, “you can never have too much storage.” Sure, you could achieve some cartoonish level of storage in your house if you tried. A spare bedroom made entirely out of cabinets might be a bit much. Generally speaking though, you will thank yourself for storage space. (more…)

Revitalize Your Home’s Interior

Revitalize Your Home’s InteriorDo you feel inspired by the space you call home? A stale home interior can reduce your creativity and dampen your outlook. Everyone deserves to love the space that they call home. Often, a simple redesign of your interior can totally change the way you feel about a space. That redesign may include new color schemes, textures, furniture, and fittings, or it may be as simple as reorienting the space as it is. Revitalizing your home’s interior through some simple design principles can brighten your day, and reignite your passion for the place you call home. Here’s where to start. (more…)

How Furniture Fits Into Your Design

How Furniture Fits Into Your DesignInterior design consists of many different layers — both literally and figuratively. Assembling those layers in the proper order, and with consideration for one another, is the key to excellent design. One of the most essential components in any room is the furniture. You don’t want so much furniture that it overwhelms the space, but you also don’t want your living room to feel like an art gallery (maybe you do — there’s room for all personal tastes!). Because of the space and cost of furniture, it is absolutely a priority consideration when building out a space. How does furniture fit into your interior design? (more…)

Kitchen Design Elements To Consider

Kitchen Design Elements To ConsiderYour kitchen is one of the areas of your home in which you will spend the most time. You want your kitchen to be functional, and esthetically pleasing. The right kitchen layout can inspire you and encourage you to host, entertain, and cook. People naturally tend to congregate in the kitchen during a party, and you want to give them a good reason to do so! If you’re about to embark on a kitchen redesign, there are some important elements that you’ll want to consider. The feel, function, and look of your kitchen all matter. Here’s how to make sure you have the best experience possible. (more…)

How To Combine Beauty And Function

How To Combine Beauty And FunctionYour home remodel or redesign presents an exciting opportunity to you, the homeowner. Reimagining a space allows you to reshape the place you call home and potentially add a new element to your lifestyle. You may take an unused room and convert it into a creative hub. More natural light in your kitchen may ignite a passion for cooking. In any remodel or redesign, your goal is to combine beauty and function. You want your newly conceived space to look and feel great. You also want your new space to work for you. A beautiful design choice shouldn’t create an obstruction to you actually using the space. (more…)

Factors to Consider Before a Remodel

Factors to Consider Before a RemodelA home remodel can be a fun, exciting project that redefines the way you experience your home. A remodel can also be challenging, stressful, and financially draining. Having a plan and a budget helps everything go smoother. Before you even set out on this journey though, it’s a good idea to consider some key factors. Do you know what you want out of your home remodel, from a functional standpoint? Do you know what kind of impact your remodel job will have on the resale value of your home? Is a remodel really the best way to accomplish what you want out of the project? Answering these questions will set you up for success. (more…)

How To Bring Spaces Together In Your Home

How To Bring Spaces Together In Your HomeExceptional interior design needs to have personality and intention, but it also needs to fit. You can have a statement piece or accent wall, but all of these components should work in unison within the space. Beyond a single space, your interior design choices should compliment each other throughout your home. Bringing spaces together doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require attention to detail. Whether you’re bringing a room together, or tying a newly designed room into the rest of your home, there are crucial steps you can take to bring spaces together in your home. (more…)

What Do You Want From Your Redesign?

Everyone gets tired with the spaces in their home over time. New environments are mentally stimulating, and can be good for your creative thinking. It’s totally natural to want to create a new space within your home. Redesigning a room inside your house can be a little overwhelming at the outset. You may get carried away with what the new space will look like, only to find it clashes with the rest of your home. As you embark on an exciting reimagination of a particular space in your home, start with this question: What do you want from your redesign? The answer will help guide you through the process. (more…)

Interior Design: Where to Start

Interior Design: Where to StartIf you’re tackling your first interior design project, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Don’t worry, that’s a totally natural feeling. There are so many factors that go into good interior design, and trying to think about the full scope of those factors at one time is a lot. If you’re looking to simplify the process for yourself, you can break your project down into phases. There are a number of different approaches when it comes to kicking off your interior design project, so here are some helpful tips for where to start. (more…)

Is it Time for a Remodel?

Female Hands Framing Gradated Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo Combination.In last week’s blog, we discussed the benefits of having a design team on your side when building your new home. While many families enjoy starting from scratch, sometimes it can be beneficial to consider an entirely new perspective with their current space. In this week’s blog, your Houston, TX experts at Paisley House Design Interiors addresses when it is time to consider a remodel and the benefits that come along with it.