You Will Thank Yourself For Storage

You Will Thank Yourself For StorageYou may address a number of different points with your redesign or remodel project. You may look to add more natural light to a room. You may finally incorporate a kitchen island into your floor plan. A single redesign project can do so many things for a space in your home. One factor that you should never forget is storage. You will thank yourself for more storage in the future, every time. One hesitates to ever make the claim, “you can never have too much storage.” Sure, you could achieve some cartoonish level of storage in your house if you tried. A spare bedroom made entirely out of cabinets might be a bit much. Generally speaking though, you will thank yourself for storage space.

Storage Space Allows You to Stay Organized

Organization is great for any space. You may consider yourself a creative person. Your creative process may involve mess. That’s fine. Eventually though, when you have company, or when you want to relax, you’ll appreciate a tidy, organized space. Storage space allows you to stay organized and reduce clutter, even as the amount of things you own accumulates. No one likes having to fashion a new storage space out of their floor plan because they’ve run out of room for all their things.

Your Storage Space Doesn’t Have to Be Packed

Here’s another thing most people don’t realize: your storage space doesn’t have to be overflowing. If you’re jamming one more item or tub into a closet, you don’t have enough storage space. It doesn’t matter if it “fits.” Having storage space that isn’t crammed together in Tetris-like fashion allows you to actually sort through your stored items and access them as needed. If you have to traverse a mountain of bins and filing cabinets, crawl behind a series of plastic tubs and old furniture to get to something in your storage space, you’re probably not going to do it.

Storage Can Be Seamless and Inventive

The good news about adding storage space to your home design is that it doesn’t have to feel clunky, especially during a remodel. Incorporate storage space into the design with your contractor or interior design professional. Rely on their expertise to create functional storage that looks great and blends in to the decor of the space. You don’t have to buy a bunch of filing cabinets at an office supply wholesaler. You can find or create attractive storage options that you’ll actually use.

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