How Furniture Fits Into Your Design

How Furniture Fits Into Your DesignInterior design consists of many different layers — both literally and figuratively. Assembling those layers in the proper order, and with consideration for one another, is the key to excellent design. One of the most essential components in any room is the furniture. You don’t want so much furniture that it overwhelms the space, but you also don’t want your living room to feel like an art gallery (maybe you do — there’s room for all personal tastes!). Because of the space and cost of furniture, it is absolutely a priority consideration when building out a space. How does furniture fit into your interior design?

Don’t Start Shopping for Furniture Before You Have a Plan

This advice goes for both the space you’re designing, and the furniture itself. If you start shopping for furniture before you have an interior design plan, you’re likely to end up with a piece that doesn’t match the esthetic nor the dimensions of the space. If you start shopping before you have a furniture plan, you may wind up purchasing a piece that doesn’t provide the function you’re looking for within the space. Start with a plan before making this major decision, because it will guide your other decisions.

Create a Floor Plan That Considers Form and Function

If you understand the function that you want a space to have, you can come up with a plan that provides that function. You want your living room to be an open, inviting space? Make sure you have easy footpaths in and out of the room. Invite in as much natural light as possible. Then choose furniture that follows those same guidelines. Perhaps you’d like a nice sectional to encourage community seating. Maybe two small loveseats will free up plenty of movement throughout the space. If you were to start by purchasing a large armoire, however, you may be stuck designing the room around that piece.

Reuse and Repurpose Furniture for Your Design

If you’re redesigning a space in your home, you may find that the furniture in that room no longer matches the design esthetic of that room. Before you go to throw out your furniture or list it online, see if the furniture may have new life with a redesign of its own, or a relocation to another room. Quality furniture is built to stand the test of time, and so it can adapt to a new space. Sanding and painting a piece may give it new life. An end table that no longer fits into your living room may be perfect for your bedroom. Don’t give up on the furniture you love!

Start Your Redesign at Paisley House in Houston, TX

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