How To Combine Beauty And Function

How To Combine Beauty And FunctionYour home remodel or redesign presents an exciting opportunity to you, the homeowner. Reimagining a space allows you to reshape the place you call home and potentially add a new element to your lifestyle. You may take an unused room and convert it into a creative hub. More natural light in your kitchen may ignite a passion for cooking. In any remodel or redesign, your goal is to combine beauty and function. You want your newly conceived space to look and feel great. You also want your new space to work for you. A beautiful design choice shouldn’t create an obstruction to you actually using the space.

Start With a Functional Goal for Your Space

If you’re redesigning your kitchen or living room, you may be thinking about esthetics. It’s okay to want to redesign a space simply to alter the look and feel of the room. However, you don’t want to miss a chance to add functionality to the space, and you don’t want to accidentally create a negative in your new space. Starting with a functional goal can help. What do you want the space to do for you? What purpose should it serve? “I want my living room to be the centerpiece of the house,” or “I want my kitchen to be easier to use,” are great functional goals. The design choices you make may serve your living room goal, but you can also make sure the layout of your space does too.

After Setting a Functional Goal, Make Layout Choices that Serve the Goal

If you want to create a space for hosting company, that space should probably be open, bright, and easy to move through. Your functional goal is now guiding choices like what type of furniture will go in the room, how you’ll decorate the walls, and how you orient the room. Don’t make a choice that will hamper the function of the space simply for the sake of the design. There is almost always a way to compromise or get creative with your design choices.

Adapt Design Choices to Your Space

Your desire to redesign a space may have all started with a must-have piece of furniture you saw at a market. You may be redesigning primarily because you want to change the color scheme. Once you have accounted for the function and layout of the room, you can make design choices to your liking that fit this function. The beauty of interior design is that it comes down to many small and subtle choices  

Work with the Professional Team at The Paisley House

Of course, another way to ensure that your redesigned home combines beauty and function is to work with the professionals at The Paisley House. Our designers take the stress out of the process by listening to your goals and conceiving redesigns and remodels that take into account both the form and the function. By working one-on-one with architects, builders, and vendors, we deliver eye-catching, custom results for each client. Learn more about the design services at The Paisley House by contacting our team in Houston, TX at 713-463-7600.