Category: Single Room Redesign

What Do You Want From Your Redesign?

Everyone gets tired with the spaces in their home over time. New environments are mentally stimulating, and can be good for your creative thinking. It’s totally natural to want to create a new space within your home. Redesigning a room inside your house can be a little overwhelming at the outset. You may get carried… Read more »

When Your Kitchen Needs a Makeover

Over the course of the years, surfaces endure much wear and tear and patterns begin to fade. Your kitchen’s appearance is no exception to this phenomenon, and can even progress at an expedited rate given its constant use. Sometimes it takes cleaning out and renovating a space to notice these changes, while other times it… Read more »

Filling Your Empty Nest with a Design You Will Love

Oftentimes, deciding what to do with an open space can be difficult, especially if the other rooms in your home are already complete. When your teen heads off to college or moves out to begin their unique journey, you may wonder what to make of their room. Some parents prefer to leave the room intact… Read more »