Looking At Bathroom Design Elements

Looking At Bathroom Design ElementsGood interior design has some core principles within it, but no two spaces are the same. When looking at the design elements in a given space, you need to ask yourself what the desired feel and function of the space is. The design choices you make will answer questions about the space you’re designing. Consider your bathroom, for instance. What is the function of the bathroom you’re designing? Is it a first-floor half-bath? Is it an upstairs master bathroom? These two spaces may necessitate totally different approaches to their designs. So here’s a look at some bathroom design elements.

Think About Who Will Be Using This Space

The first question you should answer when it comes to any interior design project is, “Who will be using this space?” Designing a space that will be used exclusively by the homeowner may require a different approach than a common area that guests will utilize regularly. If you’re designing a master bathroom, you may want to create a sense of intimacy within the space. You’ll want storage for your toiletries. Do you want a tub or a shower? Do you have room for both? These are all questions you wouldn’t need to ask yourself with that downstairs half-bath.

What Kind of Atmosphere Do You Want to Create?

The atmosphere of your space will create a feeling in the mind of the user. So, for the half-bath used by guests, what kind of atmosphere do you want to create? For a bathroom, a sense of privacy and cleanliness is important. Soft, warm lighting can create a calming environment. You may also want a more powerful lighting option to compliment the mirror for guests. Make toiletries easy to access. Consider a soap dispenser, to cut down on soap scum build up, and place the hand towel in an easy-to-access area as well. You want your guests to feel comfortable in the bathroom.

How Will the Esthetic Match the Rest of the Home?

After you’ve thought through the functional choices that you make in your bathroom designs, you should also think about typical interior design elements like color, texture, and eye line. When deciding on these elements, you’ll want to consider the esthetic of the rest of your home. You may have a great idea about a blue accent wall in your first-floor bathroom, but if the bathroom stands in stark contrast to the ambiance of the rest of the floor, it may be jarring. The bathroom does offer the opportunity to take more liberty though, as it’s a private space closed off from the rest of the floor.

Start Your Bathroom Design Project at Paisley House

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