Choosing Your Home’s Lighting Design

Choosing Your Home’s Lighting DesignLighting is an oft-overlooked component of interior design. While you might be focused on paint colors and furniture pieces, the lighting you choose for a space can have a dramatic impact on how you feel about the space, and how you use it. Included in lighting design are the fixtures you’ll use, your windows, the amount of light in a space, and the color temperature of that light. Just like any other element of design, you want to create a cohesive look and feel for your space. That’s why choosing your home’s lighting design requires some thought and planning.

What Is Color Temperature and How Does It Impact a Space?

Color temperature describes the hue of light, and it can create different moods in different spaces. Warmer color temperatures are often in the 3200 Kelvin range, and they’re what you’re likely to find in a table lamp. The yellow-organgeish hue of warm light can create a cozy, relaxing mood in a space, especially at night. Cooler color temperatures are found in the 5000-6000 Kelvin range. This bluer color is akin to daylight. This temperature range can create more focused energy in a space.

Consider the Amount and Softness of Light

Choosing a color temperature for a space can help you set the mood, but another component of lighting revolves around determining how much light to inject into a space. If you’re using small lamps with 40 watt bulbs, you may need several of them peppered throughout the living room to provide enough light at night. If your kitchen features a huge bay window, you may want accent lighting that plays off the natural light you already receive. You can “soften” any lighting source by choosing the right lampshade or lamp design. Soft lamp lighting is a nice alternative to harsh overhead lighting when you want to create a relaxed environment.

Make Sure Your Lighting Design Makes Sense

Choosing fixtures that fit your room, as well as your home’s overall esthetic, is key when setting up your lighting design. The appearance of the fixture or lamp can provide cohesion, but so can your choices in light softness and color. Color mixing light in a space (warm and cool temperatures together) can create an interesting effect in some cases, and a clash in others. If your space receives plenty of natural light, consider choosing a couple of soft accent lights to fill in darker corners of the room. Working with a design professional can help you make these choices.

Get Your Lighting Design Just Right with Paisley House

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