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Developing A Friendly Patio Area

Outdoor Patio Design Houston TX

When you are looking to install or redesign a patio space, you might wind up overwhelmed at the possibilities. It is important to remember the function of the area, and then start your process thinking about all of the ways that communal interaction plays into your design. Patio spaces are meant to be engaging, so… Read more »

Tying Your Decor To Your Room

Living Room Houston TX

When you are planning for a new space, or if you are redesigning a room in your house, you might wonder about how to unite your decor with your broader choices for your interior. If not properly planned, you could wind up with a furniture set that looks out of place or a color scheme… Read more »

Take Retro And Make It Contemporary

Retro Kitchen Houston TX

Are you fascinated by older aesthetics, but want to bring them into the 21st century? If you are looking for a way to use retro characteristics in your new living space or redesign, we can help you to understand your options. Relying too heavily upon these concepts can feel kitschy, or even worse, outdated. In… Read more »

Crafting An Elegant Home Office

Home Office Houston TX

Remote work is more popular than ever, so many families are looking to adjust their living space to incorporate an area of their home as a home office. This approach also helps people who are looking to have a dedicated place to do tasks such as paperwork and taxes. If you are looking to give… Read more »

Finding Tones That Feel Like Home

Natural wood Paisley House Houston TX

Within interior design, it can feel like there are always two forces in your head, giving you two different visions of your living space. The first looks toward sleek, contemporary designs, so that you always have the perfect photographs for social media. The other internal voice tells you that you need to have comfort, otherwise… Read more »

Use Your History As A Guide

Swatch Houston TX

Bringing your whole house together is no small task. Even with well-crafted rooms, tying everything together can be one of the more difficult aspects of interior design. At Paisley House in Houston, TX, we understand the need to form a cohesion in your living space. We can help you with dedicated services or in our… Read more »

Your Guide To Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorating

Flat lay Christmas composition. Round Paper blank, pine tree branches, christmas decorations on Colored background. Top view, copy space for text.

In our most recent design blog, our team took a look at what happens when you let holiday trends permanently influence your home remodel or redesign. Indeed, decorating is one thing that many of us enjoy doing, but there is a thin line between decorations and implementing holiday components into a year-round space design. As… Read more »

Welcoming Guests With a Comfortable Space

Hipster friends playing in cards sitting at gather table in modern home apartment, happy people spending time together on gambling entertainment enjoying leisure weekend for live socialising

For many people looking to start an interior design project, one of the very first things that they determine is the overall theme and patterns that they want to implement. Though these are important factors to consider, they are far from the only ones. As a matter of fact, you will want to also look… Read more »

Your Go-To Guide For Patterns

I made a seamless race pattern with the rose,

In our most recent blog post, we discussed the many benefits of looking over our previous design projects, including finding design inspiration and seeing various concepts in action. Indeed, starting your very own project can be a rewarding and fun experience, but it is very important you avoid the major pitfalls of design that often… Read more »

Elements To Enhance A Limited Space

Model house with lights on inside over wood with space

In theory, bringing a concept to life would go off without so much as a hitch, and you would enjoy the beautiful space you have put together! In practice, however, there are several elements that may get in the way of accomplishing this goal. One such example that comes to mind includes working with a… Read more »