Take Retro And Make It Contemporary

Retro Kitchen Houston TXAre you fascinated by older aesthetics, but want to bring them into the 21st century? If you are looking for a way to use retro characteristics in your new living space or redesign, we can help you to understand your options. Relying too heavily upon these concepts can feel kitschy, or even worse, outdated. In these instances, it is helpful to have the training and expertise of a quality interior designer.

When you need a hand in the creation of a beautiful new room, speak with us at Paisley House in Houston, TX. Feel free to give us a call or stop by our retail store, which is located just west of downtown, and talk to us about your design ideas. We can help you to understand all of the possibilities in bringing your retro mindset to the world of today. Add in some elegance with your favorite vintage aesthetics!

Bringing Back All Those Fantastic Colors From Back In The Day

One of the ways that you can successfully capture the retro vibe without dominating your room is through color. When painting, think about what truly makes all those memories stick. You may be surprised at how powerful your choice in paint or wallpaper can be. This can also be a more tasteful approach to the experience you are trying to create, and people will still quickly pick up on your references!

Often, this choice alone is enough to be evocative of a certain period. For a feeling of the 1950s, mint greens and pinks alongside a stark white can give you that look in your kitchen area. When paired with stylish appliances like a stand mixer or refrigerator, your room can really stand out! Speak with our team about ways that you can keep the atmosphere elegant and subtle, as sometimes, these colors can be a bit much if you overuse them.

Finding Up-To-Date Objects That Still Feel Vintage

Your home decor is another area where you have a chance to bring in your favorite feelings from decades past. In these decisions, it is important to understand when vintage items will work, and when you should look for a design update. A good rule to have is to find things that can continue to function, and try to bring these into your living space.

For example, you might look toward lighting fixtures that you can maintain for years into the future, rather than a lava lamp that might feel kitschy. Many retailers are producing new items that have the same feeling as vintage ones, so you can take advantage of them when you can. This way, you can identify the things in your home that need to stay current, while keeping them in line with your other style choices.

Bringing Your Retro Vibe Into The 21st Century

Another helpful thing you can do is to exercise restraint. While it may feel exciting hunting down vintage pieces of decor, understand that you may be likely to overdo it. We can help you to find the balance that your home needs!

If you are looking for a way to bring your retro aesthetic into your new living space or home redesign, talk with our team at Paisley House Design & Interiors in Houston, TX  at (713)463-7600.