Finding Color Inspiration For Your Home

Swatch Paisley House Houston TXWhen you are planning for your new home or room redesign, where can you start? There are multiple approaches to this process, but one of our favorites is to create a specific color palette for your interiors. This way, you can develop an overarching theme that you can fall back on when things start to become complicated. Without a plan, you could wind up buying items for your home that do not seem to make sense.

We are here to help you understand your options with interior design services from Paisley House in Houston, TX. Stop by our retail store just west of downtown or give us a call to learn about the ways that we can be a guiding hand through the process. We bring you years of experience in the interior design field, so you can trust in our knowledge to give you the assistance you need in crafting an elegant new living space!

Look For Shades And Tones Of Color In Your Daily Life

If you are looking for inspiration for your new home, you can start by noting the colors around you. For most people, these tones are relatively uninteresting until they start the design process. Take the time to pay attention to the colors that you experience, and you might be surprised at what you find out!

You may quickly come to realize that your initial color palette ideas do not match up with the shades you enjoy. It is better to realize this before you decide to base your entire home off of your first opinion. Sometimes, taking a fresh look at your options can help you to understand how you really feel, and the design of your living space is something that you want to do right the first time. Redesigns can become costly in a hurry!

Color Plays An Important Role In Your Atmosphere

Picking out colors from swatches is an entirely different experience than living with these tones. For this reason, it is beneficial to take the time to understand how different hues can make you feel. While you might love a particular shade of powder blue, for instance, it may feel like a bit much when you use it to cover an entire room. We can also help you to understand the benefits of complementary colors, which can really bring your living space to life.

Speak To Us About Your Color Options At Paisley House

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