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Bringing The Southwest To Your Home

Interior design houston tx

When you are looking to make a change to your existing interior design, do you just not know where to start? Finding ways to manage your conflicting views on style can be a struggle, and if you have had enough, take some time to talk to an interior designer about your goals. One area where… Read more »

How We Approach Your Remodel

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Have you recently purchased a home, and find the interior design to be lacking? Or maybe the house would be perfect for others, but you want a design that lets your personality shine? If so, then you need full design services to create something beautiful and unique. At Paisley House in Houston, TX, we can work with… Read more »

Staying Sleek While Incorporating Wood

staying sleek houston tx

When you like a more industrial environment, making everything work together can be a more difficult task than you first imagine it to be. By paring things down, you emphasize form, and this can highlight even the slightest differences in your furniture and home decor. This means that when you like sleek contemporary design, you… Read more »

Cramped Space? Do It In Style

Cramped space Houston tx

If you are working with a tight floorplan, you might think that it is impossible to have the design of your dreams. While this might be understandable, thankfully, it does not have to be true. Here in Houston, our city is rapidly becoming denser as the population grows, and so we are learning new ways… Read more »

Turning Industrial Into Comfortable

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If you are a fan of sharp lines and industrial materials, it can be difficult to make that work in a home living space. After all, your house or condo is a place where you need to feel comfortable, and life is about those experiences above all. A beautiful photograph for social media is nice,… Read more »

Making Space For Your New Family Member

Making Space Houston TX

When you and your family are expecting a new addition to the family, it is time to make some changes around the house. If you are looking to convert that extra bedroom space into a nursery, you might struggle when you are trying to do it all on your own. Sometimes, it can be hard… Read more »

Turning That Empty Room Into A Home Office

Home Office Houston TX

If you are like many other workers since the start of the pandemic, you have moved to working from home, at least part of the time. While there are certainly advantages to this setup, like avoiding the nasty Houston commute, you want to make sure that you are setting yourself up for success. It can… Read more »

Create A Cozy Environment For Your Guests

Cozy environment Houston TX

If you have been waiting until the end of the summer to revamp your living space, now is your opportunity. As we prepare for the colder months, you may be noticing that your stylish interior is not as welcoming as it could be, and you want your autumn guests to feel comfortable when they come… Read more »

Finding Ways To Maximize Your Space In A Smaller Home

White Tile Bathroom Houston TX Maximize your Space

If you live here in Houston, you know that space is currently at a premium. As our metro area becomes more populous, it also means that density is increasing in the city, and our housing stock is just not able to keep up. This means that finding that large suburban house is harder than it… Read more »

Is Your Home Inviting Enough?

Elegant interior houston tx

When you are crafting a new interior living space, you want to make sure that everyone is comfortable while they are at your home. Your visitors deserve an experience that draws them in, and if you are designing an elegant space, you need to learn how to balance your design to so that everyone feels… Read more »