Use Your History As A Guide

Swatch Houston TXBringing your whole house together is no small task. Even with well-crafted rooms, tying everything together can be one of the more difficult aspects of interior design. At Paisley House in Houston, TX, we understand the need to form a cohesion in your living space. We can help you with dedicated services or in our retail store here in Houston.

One helpful way of uniting your home is through a running theme of your family history. This also can help to focus financial resources by using items that have been passed down from your parents, grandparents, and beyond. Take a fresh look at some of your older items and discover how with a little bit of care, they can help tie your home together. Give your family heirlooms a little space to breathe and uncover a new sense of style.

Take A Look At Your Family Items With Fresh Eyes

When developing the style of your home, you might want to start from scratch. This can allow you to build concepts from the ground up (quite literally), and is a helpful way of crafting a new space. Without years of life, however, these spaces may feel a little cold.

Bringing your family items back into the picture can help you to create a living space that shows your history. This approach also gives you a running theme between rooms. You can add thematic elements of your family history in certain areas, as well, to fit the space. Historical items work particularly well in offices or studies, so look into having your antique maps and deeds framed and bring your story to your home.

Elevate Your Style With A Little Space To Breathe

Another way you can add elegance to your existing items is by giving them some room on your wall. People tend to try and overdecorate their spaces in order to fit as much as they can. Carefully curate the items you wish to exhibit and feel comfortable keeping some items in storage. It may be helpful for you to develop a rotation, if you find that you wish to show more than your walls can handle. Aluminum frames and shadowboxes can help you to add an affordable style to your home.

Bringing Your Spaces Together In Houston, TX

Using your existing items throughout your home can help to unite the spaces. Come in to our retail store to discuss your possibilities, or give us a call at Paisley House Design & Interiors in Houston, TX at 713-463-7600. A fresh look at your existing items can help you to imagine an elevated approach to your interior style. The items that your family has handed down to you are important. Use your living space to express these memories and tell a running story to your visitors. Your home is an expression of who you are and where you have been!