What Do You Want From Your Redesign?

Everyone gets tired with the spaces in their home over time. New environments are mentally stimulating, and can be good for your creative thinking. It’s totally natural to want to create a new space within your home. Redesigning a room inside your house can be a little overwhelming at the outset. You may get carried away with what the new space will look like, only to find it clashes with the rest of your home. As you embark on an exciting reimagination of a particular space in your home, start with this question: What do you want from your redesign? The answer will help guide you through the process.

What Do You Want from the Space, Functionally?

If you’re guided by color palettes, textures, and personality, then the question of functionality may fall by the wayside. It’s important to consider functionality during your redesign. The space you design must be functional if you’re going to utilize and appreciate it. Do you want to create an environment where guests can sit and enjoy each other’s company? Do you want your space to feel open and connected to the other parts of the house? Should the space feel like a little retreat? Answering these questions won’t negate the esthetics of the space, it will guide them.

What Do You Want from the Space, Esthetically?

Function can include esthetics. The choices you make about paint colors and furniture pieces may very well determine the overall function of your space. How do you want guests to feel when they visit this space? Do you want the space to evoke a certain emotion for you? This could be your chance to turn a basic office space into a creative hub. The difference between those two things often comes down to esthetics. Look at your redesign as an opportunity to reinvent and improve a space within your home.

How Will Your Redesign Mesh with the Rest of Your Home?

One important detail that you should not lose during the redesign process is how your new space will mesh with your existing spaces. Sometimes a room that pops with color can provide a fun jolt to your home. Other times it sticks out like a sore thumb. This is where the nuance of interior design showcases itself. How do you create balance between your new and existing spaces? You wouldn’t want to walk through the entire redesign process, only to find that your new space feels disappointingly similar to the previous one. Trusting a professional can help!

Paisley House Provides Professional Redesign Services

The list of factors to consider during a redesign piles up surprisingly quickly. You want the best of both function and beauty, and that’s where Paisley House can help. We’ve completed Houston redesign projects in a variety of different spaces. Our design services can walk you through the entire process. To learn more about the professional redesign services at Paisley House, contact our Houston, TX location at 713-463-7600.