When Your Kitchen Needs a Makeover

Portrait of happy young family sitting on wooden floor in the kitchen with children. Over the course of the years, surfaces endure much wear and tear and patterns begin to fade. Your kitchen’s appearance is no exception to this phenomenon, and can even progress at an expedited rate given its constant use. Sometimes it takes cleaning out and renovating a space to notice these changes, while other times it can be much more obvious. Whether it is apparent or not, your kitchen may need a makeover, and your Fort Worth, TX team at Paisley House Design Interiors is ready to help you through the process.

Patterns that Reflect Your Vision

Whether you are searching for a burst of color or a simple, modern look, the first step to consider is your vision and how it ties into your home. While some families enjoy having independent rooms that represent a different feeling or image, others may opt for a continuous theme that subtly reflects in each section of the house. Having in mind what you are looking for is an optimal start, however, working with a designer to assist you and bring your vision to life could make the process much simpler. By having a second set of eyes and ideas present, you are more likely to collaborate and land on a look that you truly love, eliminating some of the burdensome tasks along the way.

What to Do About Countertops

When considering a kitchen redesign, one of the major considerations should be the room’s function. While having a beautifully crafted and decorated kitchen that you truly love is the goal, ensuring that the space can fulfill its function is a necessary step. This means planning and discussing the types of surfaces and colors that take cooking into consideration. For example, you will want countertops that embody a full, nonporous structure that can handle liquids that may result from spills. If an area were porous, that would increase the likelihood of falling ill, as these materials absorb liquids and hold onto them, breeding bacteria that can cause food poisoning or other problems.

Additionally, you want to balance the colors expressed in your kitchen while considering the repercussions of certain materials. For example, an all-white counter may pair nicely with your theme, however, it may be more difficult to keep clean and exhibit more noticeable stains.

Full Designs to Complete Your Space

The benefit of having a skilled interior designer on your side is the ability to discover and fall in love with specific designs and furniture immediately from an in-house boutique. Whether you are considering lighting, flooring, window coverings, and everything in-between, our team is prepared to help you find your best fit from our retail store, eliminating the hassle of working through third-party vendors.

Learn How We Can Help You

At Paisley House Design Interiors, taking your vision and bringing it to life is what we do, and we are ready to work with you to create your dream room. Contact our Fort Worth, TX team today by calling (713) 463-7600.