Modern City Living

If the photos of the Modern City Living home look familiar, you may have seen it on the Architectural Tour of 2017. This Montrose neighborhood home showcases a modern sensibility in its interiors and exteriors. Before moving to Montrose, she helped them design a beautiful, Mediterranean-inspired home in the Memorial area where they raised their children. When it came time to create a new space, they trusted Joani to help them explore the benefits of a more contemporary look.

A Couple’s Design Preferences Can Change Over Time

Joani’s versatility, and her relationship-building skills, make her a designer that clients can count on for many different projects. The client was ready to do something new with their home design, and Joani helped them make the most of their new inspiration because she takes time to learn about the people she works with. Even as client inspirations change, they can move forward with assurance, knowing Joani will make design choices that reflect their personality and suit their style.

The Right Colors Can Unlock A Design’s True Potential

A good design relationship is about more than just presenting options to clients. When the client brought Joani in to help with their Montrose home, they were feeling less than thrilled with some of the selections provided by their architect. It was a promising start, but something was missing. Once she came onto the job, Joani found that adding more color helped complete the look of their home. One particularly important touch was the red front door. If you look in the backyard, their water fountain feature was designed in a shade of red to complement the eye-catching front door!

Enjoy This Look At The Beautiful Modern Home!

These photos capture how Joani helped the client make the most of their inspiration for a truly modern home. Whether you want to do something contemporary with your home, or prefer to draw from classical ideas, contacting Paisley House can lead to amazing design results!