Filling Your Empty Nest with a Design You Will Love

Nesting box on a green wooden tableOftentimes, deciding what to do with an open space can be difficult, especially if the other rooms in your home are already complete. When your teen heads off to college or moves out to begin their unique journey, you may wonder what to make of their room. Some parents prefer to leave the room intact for the child to stay in when in town, but what should you do if that is not the case? Fortunately, our Houston, TX design team at Paisley House Design Interiors will work closely with you to help establish your vision and make it come to life.

Deciding What to Make of the Space

Nothing is worse than having a decorator create a space the way they want to as opposed to what you prefer. While it benefits some people, others are not so fortunate and end up with something they either did not like or want or something completely over the top. When deciding what to do with a space, both design aesthetic as well as function should be considered.  What we mean by this is that it is not enough to curate and present a stunning room cosmetically, but it needs to embody the homeowner’s personality, serve the purpose it was intended to, and overall instill a feeling of “home.”

Working with Your Vision

When taking the next steps in the aesthetic process, it is important you have a designer who can truly understand your vision and has the necessary resources and ability to truly curate it. Far too often do we see house flipping shows on television that hold the premise of “here’s what we can do with your budget.” While your budget is important, so are your thoughts! We take the time to truly get to know you and your desires, and we utilize our extensive knowledge and resources to help you achieve exactly what you wish – and nothing short of it. We make an effort to work closely with you throughout the entire process so that we can provide the space you are looking for, and we do not settle for anything other than satisfaction.

Custom Themes from Our Retail Store

Whether you are beginning the process with color schemes in mind, or simply have no idea where to start, you can rest assured that together we will curate your space to look and feel exactly what you are hoping for. With the help of our retail store and boutique, we begin the process with the benefit of having a large selection of unique home furnishings, lighting fixtures, art, window coverings, flooring, and more to help get those creative juices flowing.

Let’s Design a Room You Will Love

Contact Paisley House Design Interiors in Houston, TX today at (713) 463-7600 to find out how our team can work with you to fill your empty nest with a room you love.