Factors to Consider Before a Remodel

Factors to Consider Before a RemodelA home remodel can be a fun, exciting project that redefines the way you experience your home. A remodel can also be challenging, stressful, and financially draining. Having a plan and a budget helps everything go smoother. Before you even set out on this journey though, it’s a good idea to consider some key factors. Do you know what you want out of your home remodel, from a functional standpoint? Do you know what kind of impact your remodel job will have on the resale value of your home? Is a remodel really the best way to accomplish what you want out of the project? Answering these questions will set you up for success.

What Does This Remodel Provide You, Functionally?

When you decide to remodel your living room, you may fantasize about sitting in a sunbeam that has come streaking through your eight-foot window, reading a novel, surrounded by reclaimed furniture. This appealing picture may sound esthetically pleasing, but is your new giant window energy-efficient? Has your remodel opened up your living room and connected it to the kitchen? If you’re remodeling your home and making changes to its structure, you should consider the functional benefits that you’ll get out of the project.

Will This Remodel Increase the Resale Value of Your Home?

Another important question to ask yourself is, “Will this remodel project increase the resale value of my home?” You may have already found your “forever home,” which is great. Most people will end up selling their home at some point in the future, and you want to make sure the resale value of your home increases over time. A remodel that benefits you should not hamper a future homeowner. Super-specific changes to the layout and structure of your home may do more harm than good.

Would a Redesign Accomplish What You Want?

Finally, before you secure financing for a remodel and begin your project, consider whether a remodel is necessary to achieve what you want. If you’re focused on the esthetics of a space, it’s possible that a redesign would accomplish what you’re after. Adjusting the layout of your room, adding a furniture piece, and reassessing your color palette can have a huge affect on how you feel about a space. You may be able to reinvent a room without a construction crew, which can save you time and money.

If You’re Reenvisioning Spaces in Your Houston, TX Home, Come to Paisley House

At Paisley House, we offer professional design consultation services. We can evaluate a space in your home and help you reimagine its look and feel. Whether you’re starting on a redesign or a remodel, our expert opinions can help you address your goals and create a space that you love. You can also check out our retail location for furniture and design options. Learn more about the services at Paisley House by contacting our Houston, TX store at 713-463-7600.