Interior Design: Where to Start

Interior Design: Where to StartIf you’re tackling your first interior design project, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Don’t worry, that’s a totally natural feeling. There are so many factors that go into good interior design, and trying to think about the full scope of those factors at one time is a lot. If you’re looking to simplify the process for yourself, you can break your project down into phases. There are a number of different approaches when it comes to kicking off your interior design project, so here are some helpful tips for where to start. (more…)

Is it Time for a Remodel?

Female Hands Framing Gradated Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo Combination.In last week’s blog, we discussed the benefits of having a design team on your side when building your new home. While many families enjoy starting from scratch, sometimes it can be beneficial to consider an entirely new perspective with their current space. In this week’s blog, your Houston, TX experts at Paisley House Design Interiors addresses when it is time to consider a remodel and the benefits that come along with it.


Designing Your Home from the Ground Up

architect project and glasses on table

Remodeling your existing home or even building it from the ground up can be a strenuous process. From working with an architect and vendors to building and interior designing, it is quite possible to have too many cooks in the kitchen and confusing lines of communication, making it difficult to accurately get your vision across. What’s more, the time, effort, cost, and more must be taken into account. At Paisley House Design Interiors in Houston, TX, we work diligently with you to create the dream home you have always wanted, working closely with third party contractors and more to ensure the result is exactly what you are looking for.


Why You Should Not Skimp on Your Living Room Design

Living room interior with gray velvet sofa, pillows, green plaid, lamp and fiddle leaf tree in wicker basket on white wall background. 3D rendering.While hosting a gathering is often not at the forefront of many people’s minds in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, prior to that, having a warm and comforting space that truly brought people together was the goal. In fact, once it is safe once more, people will begin to gather again. This means that even though your living room may not be up-to-par with event hosting, being proactive and carefully designing your space with events in mind is necessary for an unforgettable gathering. That being said, your Houston, TX team at Paisley House Design Interiors is prepared to help you create a space you will enjoy and why it is important not to skimp on your living room design.


When Your Kitchen Needs a Makeover

Portrait of happy young family sitting on wooden floor in the kitchen with children. Over the course of the years, surfaces endure much wear and tear and patterns begin to fade. Your kitchen’s appearance is no exception to this phenomenon, and can even progress at an expedited rate given its constant use. Sometimes it takes cleaning out and renovating a space to notice these changes, while other times it can be much more obvious. Whether it is apparent or not, your kitchen may need a makeover, and your Fort Worth, TX team at Paisley House Design Interiors is ready to help you through the process.


Filling Your Empty Nest with a Design You Will Love

Nesting box on a green wooden tableOftentimes, deciding what to do with an open space can be difficult, especially if the other rooms in your home are already complete. When your teen heads off to college or moves out to begin their unique journey, you may wonder what to make of their room. Some parents prefer to leave the room intact for the child to stay in when in town, but what should you do if that is not the case? Fortunately, our Houston, TX design team at Paisley House Design Interiors will work closely with you to help establish your vision and make it come to life.


When to Consider An Interior Designer

Modern cozy living room and blue wall texture background interior design / 3D renderingGetting a new home is an exciting process, and even more exciting is being able to bring forth your vision on how you want it decorated and presented. While the idea of spearheading the arrangement process is an excellent one in theory, in practice, fully designing your space can become quite exhausting and difficult. Fortunately, that is where we come in to help! At Paisley House Design Interiors in Houston, TX, we work with you to bring your vision to life. Our experienced team works diligently to alleviate any stress or reservations you have regarding the process so that you can enjoy your dream space.