How Lighting Can Make Or Break A Concept

Modern lamps hanging from the ceiling with white wall, Lampshade hanging light, lamp case design.Whether you are considering an entire home redesign or simply want to update a single room, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. For instance, having a vision of what you want can be difficult to achieve if you are unable to communicate the ideas. What’s more, aspects that may seem minor such as molding or even a single decorative pillow can actually throw an entire design off significantly. That being said, making sure to flesh out all of your ideas with a designer can benefit your design significantly. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX interior designers take a look at the importance of lighting and shading, and how sub-optimal lighting could break a concept.


Consider This Before Your Remodel

Interior designer making hand drawing pencil sketch of a bathroom. Interior design projects conceptYour home is arguably the biggest purchase you are going to make in your lifetime, so it makes sense that it is up-to-par with what you are looking for as far as design goes. Indeed, there is a lot of factors that go into designing, redesigning, and remodeling a room or even an entire home. You’ll want to think of functionality as well as the theme or feel you are aspiring to achieve. Sometimes it can be easy to jump into hasty decisions when you know what you are looking for, but other times this can prove a pitfall as another solution may have been better suited in the long run. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX interior designers discuss important aspects you should consider before jumping into your remodel as well as how our team can help.


Making The Most Out Of Your Space

Home interior mock-up with blue sofa, wooden table and decor in blue living room, 3d renderIn an ideal world, an open space or room would be viewed as a canvas with which you can achieve the desired function and appearance you are aiming for. Indeed, this notion would make a good interior design much more straightforward and simpler to achieve. In reality, however, no one room is created the same as another and sometimes you have to make do with the space that you were allotted. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX designers discuss the beauty behind limitations in space and design, as well as how you can make the most out of limited space.


Looking At Bathroom Design Elements

Looking At Bathroom Design ElementsGood interior design has some core principles within it, but no two spaces are the same. When looking at the design elements in a given space, you need to ask yourself what the desired feel and function of the space is. The design choices you make will answer questions about the space you’re designing. Consider your bathroom, for instance. What is the function of the bathroom you’re designing? Is it a first-floor half-bath? Is it an upstairs master bathroom? These two spaces may necessitate totally different approaches to their designs. So here’s a look at some bathroom design elements. (more…)

Thinking Through The Function Of Design

Thinking Through The Function Of DesignWhen you think of something as being “designer,” you probably think about the look. Is it unique? Is it sleek? How something looks may have a large impact on how you view it esthetically, or how you think about the value of its design. However, looks aren’t everything. The true artistry of design comes from creating something useful and functional, and packaging it in an aesthetically pleasing way. This is how you should approach any interior design project. While you want the visual final product of your redesign to sing, it needs to start with a solid, functional foundation. (more…)

Breaking Down Different Design Elements

Breaking Down Different Design ElementsThere are many different elements that constitute interior design. Understanding how to utilize these elements can help you come up with a design scheme for an individual room in your house, or your entire interior. This is a brief guide on some of the major design elements to help you get started on your project. Interior design can feel intimidating, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. Reading one guide won’t make you an expert, but it can point you in the right direction and give you an idea of the questions you should be asking. Working with a design professional is a great way to get the results you’re after, especially if you’re less experienced with the process. (more…)

Planning A Home Remodel? Start Here

Planning A Home Remodel? Start HereA home remodel offers the opportunity to adjust or augment your home to provide functional and esthetic benefits. It’s rare to find something you consider a “dream home” already on the market, because your wants and needs are specific to you. A remodel allows you to shape a home to the precise specifications that you need. If you’re planning a home remodel, it’s important to have a sense of what you want to accomplish, and the timetable the project may require. If you’re about to begin this process, start here with a helpful overview. (more…)

Common Interior Design Pitfalls

Common Interior Design PitfallsThere are many different elements to consider when it comes to any interior design project. No two projects are exactly alike, and there’s no absolute right and wrong way to approach a project. Before you undertake a redesign in your home though, you should at least be aware of some of the common interior design pitfalls. Having a basic awareness of these common missteps can help you avoid them and set you up for success. Again, there are no absolutes when it comes to style and design, but here is some helpful advice as you get started. (more…)

Understand The Scope Of Your Interior Design Project

Understand The Scope Of Your Interior Design ProjectThe biggest step that you can take before starting on an interior design project in your home is to understand the scope of what you’re about to do. You’ve probably worked on a project before that seemed to get bigger and bigger as you went. Eventually, you probably became overwhelmed, because the scope had gotten too large. Knowing the scope of your interior design project before you start will help you determine a budget for the project, a timeline, for the project, and whether or not you’ll need to hire any additional help. (more…)

The Role of Texture in Interior Design

The Role of Texture in Interior DesignInterior design consists of many different elements all working in harmony to create an esthetic. The choices you make with regards to each of these elements can influence the mood and ambiance of a given environment. You are probably familiar with color palettes and the ways in which a paint choice can influence a space. You’re probably also aware that the orientation of the furniture in a room can influence how the room is used. One of the often-overlooked components of interior design, though, is texture. Different textures can play an important role in interior design. (more…)