Can’t Find What You Need? Try Our Retail Store!

3d render of luxury boutiqueIn last week’s blog, we took a look at a few frequently asked questions about interior design, as well as how to get started on your home design project. Indeed, creating a concept and bringing it to life are two completely different processes, and oftentimes, having the resources and guidance to help you through the process certainly goes a long way. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX interior designers explore the need for guidance in the design, and how our retail store provides a number of benefits in the process.

Unique Home Furnishings

By now you are probably aware that full redesign and remodeling requires a number of steps and thought. After all, ensuring that concepts function well together and serve their intended purpose does not happen on its own, and it takes a detail-oriented mind to make sure this is the case.

In order to better assist our clients, we offer the services of our very own retail store. Indeed, our in-home design services boutique features a unique set of curated home furnishings. We believe variety and options are the only way to help you achieve what you truly desire, or at the very least, steer you in the correct direction.

Our retail store features a wide variety of offerings, including lighting, flooring, window coverings, bedding, and furniture. What’s more? We will work closely with you to ensure that all aspects of your vision are addressed and that the concepts you choose will function and flow well together. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, reach out to our team today.

Stocking Dealer Status

In addition to the variety of furniture, lighting, and flooring, our retail store allows us to maintain stocking dealer status. In other words, we are able to maintain a reasonable stock of our best products. This not only offers cost savings in terms of discounts and reasonable pricing, but it provides an opportunity for you to see, touch, feels, and understand how products interact with one another. We recognize that the design and redesign process can quickly rack up in terms of cost, and we make it our mission to make the process as smooth and cost-effective as possible. Reach out to our team today to learn more.

Giving You New Ideas

Another benefit of our retail store includes the ability to complete your vision with new and innovative ideas. Sometimes all it takes to bring your project to life is a refreshing new pattern or fixture that you might not have even known you needed, and we are ready to help!

Learn More Today

To learn more about the benefits of our retail store, contact Paisley House Design Interiors in Houston, TX by calling 713-463-7600 to learn more and schedule your initial consultation today.