Life with Joani: Plans

Change; not everyone is a fan, but I’ve always loved change. When I was younger, extreme change, risk taker was a big part of who I’ve become. Along comes real life and children and the risks had to dial back a bit….but just a bit. More on that later.

Approaching the remodel/refresh/change of my own house, I need to put on my designer/client glasses. Following my own method that I bring to any design job, I need to assess all that needs to be done and the dollars involved, and then, be realistic about the time frame to complete the job.

My list of what I want done before Thanksgiving is BIG! There is no way, in the best of circumstances, this can happen. Therefore, I must pick and choose. Unfortunately, before the fun can begin, I need a new roof! Just one of the most unpleasant ways to spend money, but it has to be done!
From there, my goals are to refresh the entry with new paint, wallpaper, lighting, furniture and rugs. This then leads to the family room. BIG JOB! RIP OUT EVERYTHING! GET RID OF MOST EVERYTHING! I have already passed beautiful lamps and a few pieces of art on to some dear friends. I still love these pieces but for now, they will live so much better in another home…change.
In addition, remodel our boys bathroom, I mean a total gut job! Given the circumstances of our city with the aftermath of Harvey, these two projects may prove to be a tall order but Im going to give it my best.

I am working on my design plan which for me always starts with fabric. Fabric evokes such emotion and passion. I have spent most of my married life in a “guy” house. Paisley’s (go figure), menswear, geometrics, neutrals and strong color. This time, Im going to “girl it up a little”, and this starts with the only firm decision I have made………a tight back, english arm Vanguard sofa that they are bringing out of retirement one last time for me and a client who lost hers in the flood ,mine, covered in Kravet pink velvet! This is my launch pad for the family room/entry and I am pumped! All will flow from there!

Boys bath, I will think about that tomorrow.
Time to feed the girls!

Talk soon, joani