How To Bring Spaces Together In Your Home

How To Bring Spaces Together In Your HomeExceptional interior design needs to have personality and intention, but it also needs to fit. You can have a statement piece or accent wall, but all of these components should work in unison within the space. Beyond a single space, your interior design choices should compliment each other throughout your home. Bringing spaces together doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require attention to detail. Whether you’re bringing a room together, or tying a newly designed room into the rest of your home, there are crucial steps you can take to bring spaces together in your home.

How to Bring Together a Single Space In Your Home

What inspires you when making interior design choices in your home? Do you have a vision for how you could use a particular room in your house? Do you want to build a space around a particular piece of furniture? What ever has inspired the new design, starting your interior design from the ground up makes practical sense. Decide on what type of rug or flooring you want to showcase. Then make choices about your larger furniture pieces in the room. Afterward, you can move in smaller accent pieces and wall hangings. If your redesign includes a paint job, obviously you’ll want to start there first. As you make each choice about colors, textures, and furniture, you’ll add to a base layer, ensuring that your choices work in unison.

How to Make Sure Your Room Design Ties Into the Rest of Your Home

Does your vision for a new room design tie into the rest of your home? You can bring a room together with the rest of your home using complimentary colors, but that’s not your only consideration. Creating a flow between spaces is also important. You want your entryway to lead guests right into the primary room where they’ll be spending time. Easy, seamless transitions create a togetherness that extends beyond color palette. Additionally, using similar textures and fabrics in each room can give your home a cohesion that your guests may recognize subconsciously.

Don’t Be Afraid to Tinker with Your Choices

When bringing together a single room, or tying a room together with the rest of your home, your first draft won’t always be your final draft. That’s okay! You should feel encouraged to tinker with your choices to create the balance you want. Experiment with moving furniture around in a space. The choices you make in a newly designed space may prompt you to want to make a change to the wallpaper or paint in another room. Let your design choices inspire you, and continue to perfect the space over time.

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