A Style You Can Live In

Great Room Houston TXOne of the chief needs for a communal living space is comfort. Sometimes this requirement can clash with your vision of how a room might look or feel. This conflict can sometimes occur with fans of certain styles, particularly within modern and contemporary genres. Sometimes, you might become too drawn into the concept of an industrial barnhouse and lose sight of the function of your room.

The same mediation is necessary in the other direction, as well. A cohesive vision for your communal living space can create an environment that uplifts the vitality of the home. When people experience a balanced space, they can feel comfortable enough to stay a while. At Paisley House in Houston, TX, we understand that home design often requires the push and pull between comfort and thrilling design. Walk with us to determine the balance that fits your needs! (more…)

Discuss Your Designs At Our Houston Shop

Coffee Houston TXOne of our favorite things about design here at Paisley House in Houston, TX is the discussion that a well-crafted living space can nurture. Elegant design can feel comfortable yet elevated. Come to our retail shop to see some of our favorite things and talk with us about your interior needs and goals. Our partners are not always the best help in these matters, so sometimes it can be helpful to bounce ideas off someone who cares.

Unearth an array of new concepts through helpful guidance from Paisley House. See us in person and begin your journey to a more fitting personal living space. We can work with you to create rooms that flow effortlessly through dedicated design. Develop concepts that you can take with you into the future with more flexibility. This approach allows you to change and adapt as you grow. Allow for a natural refinement of your interior style! (more…)

Create A Plan That Will Endure Over Time

Loft Houston TXWhile specifically designing a room, you can have broad flexibility within the concept. There are a few different ways in which you are more free at the onset of an interior design process than later on. Our homes are spaces in which we live and so they grow and evolve with us as we age and develop different ideas of taste. Positive design helps to mitigate this by focusing on long-term quality design rather than trends.

Even still, everyone has items that they pick up along the way or a chair may need replacement or restoration. In these instances, it is helpful to have a distinct path forward in new decisions that you make. At Paisley House in Houston, TX, we can work with you to formulate a specific style guide that is unique to your experience. Your design should grow with you and become further refined as you progress in life. Take the time now to craft a custom plan with quality interior design! (more…)

Learning To Love Your Materials

Wood Houston TXWithin interior design, some of the most important choices might seem trivial at first. For instance, the choice in paint color can be a painstaking process. After a while, the shades might start to look the same. Take a quick break and come back to it, because these decisions can truly bring a room together. Paint can be readily changed, whereas other objects and surfaces require dedication to a path forward. Wood is one area that requires a particular consistency.

A piecemeal approach to this material can leave things looking disjointed and unplanned. This is why we stress having a plan for your design at Paisley House in Houston, TX before you start making radical changes. We can help you to understand many aspects of the raw materials so that you have the information you need to maintain beautiful living spaces for years to come. (more…)

How Lofting Your Condo Can Expand Space

Loft Houston TXLife changed drastically for a broad section of the population when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. These changes shifted some of the ways that we operate when designing our living spaces. More people rely upon a home working space than ever before. The way we work is different now and there are no signs that this shift will let up any time soon. A popular situation is hybrid work, which can bring the stresses of commuting alongside the need for an office space within your home.

The increase in need for working areas of the home also happens to coincide with a real estate boom. Availability of new homes is low and prices are up. So if you require more square footage and wish to stay at your current location, creativity reigns supreme. At Paisley House in Houston, TX, we can help you to restructure your existing condo space to allow for more functionality by bringing your bed into the great room. Maximize the amount of efficient space by moving the communal space to a more intimate bedroom location. If the pandemic has shown you that you do not fully utilize your great room, put it to use! (more…)

Let Us Help With Your New Home Build!

Design mockup half in white and half in color of luxury house interior with open plan living room and dining area with furnishing. 3d renderIn our most recent design blog, our team discussed the value in bringing new life to your living spaces and how you can host gatherings comfortably and efficiently with some tips and tricks. Indeed, your home is a multi-purpose structure with changing and evolving roles throughout the years. As such, designing your home in such a way as to meet your needs precisely can truly elevate your experience. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX interior designer discusses our role in your home design process and advantages of custom planning.


Bringing New Life To Your Gathering Spaces

Luxurious living room with kitchen areaWhether you are taking on a multi-room redesign or are simply reworking a single space, it is important to first think through the many aspects that will be included in the project. For instance, you may have a general desire to remodel your living room, but exactly how you plan to do so may not be fully figured out. Though you certainly can wing it as you go, we highly recommend against this, as it can quickly add up and turn out to be much more than you bargained for. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX interior designers will take a look at the benefits of organized project planning and what it means to bring new life to your gathering spaces.


Here’s What To Know About Bathroom Renovations

Luxury EnsuiteWhile you might feel as though an interior designer is unnecessary for a single-room project, a new perspective with years of design experience can truly bring your vision from simple execution to an entirely different level. Indeed, one of the biggest pitfalls that individuals get themselves into when starting a room remodel project is cutting corners. Even what seems to be the simplest of projects will end up becoming much more than you expected, and having someone on your side to help can make all of the difference. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX interior designer discusses important facts to know about bathroom renovations and how our team can help.


We Offer Full Design Services!

Living room with many, big windows with blinds and hardwood floorThere are often a lot of resources out there that can help guide decorating your home for the holidays on a budget, but knowing what you will be getting into with a new home build or redesign is a lot easier said than done. After all, there are so many elements to consider, and while you can certainly DIY many parts, nothing quite beats having an experienced designer on your side to guide the process. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX interior designer discusses the many ways our team can help you and details the full design services we offer.


Your Guide To Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorating

Flat lay Christmas composition. Round Paper blank, pine tree branches, christmas decorations on Colored background. Top view, copy space for text.In our most recent design blog, our team took a look at what happens when you let holiday trends permanently influence your home remodel or redesign. Indeed, decorating is one thing that many of us enjoy doing, but there is a thin line between decorations and implementing holiday components into a year-round space design. As a continuation of this topic, today’s blog has your Houston, TX interior designers discuss some budget-friendly ways to decorate your space for the holidays and what our team can do to help.