Cramped Space? Do It In Style

Cramped space Houston txIf you are working with a tight floorplan, you might think that it is impossible to have the design of your dreams. While this might be understandable, thankfully, it does not have to be true. Here in Houston, our city is rapidly becoming denser as the population grows, and so we are learning new ways to adapt to smaller spaces. With the right planning, your small apartment or condo can be a comfortable place to live and share with your visitors.

At Paisley House in Houston, TX, our team of talented interior designers and decorators can help you to make the right decisions. Stop by our retail store just west of downtown and tell us all about your next project so that we can give you some pointers on how to make your cramped space work. While you are here, take the opportunity to learn more about our style, and find that next special piece of home decor to tie the room together. Give us a call today to learn more about how Paisley House can help you have a gorgeous home, no matter the size!

Make The Most Of Your Cramped Space With Positive Decisions

When you are working with a smaller floorplan, every choice that you make is amplified. This means that it is important to really plan your space from the ground up, and to think a little bit more about how you store things. If you are struggling to make space in your apartment or condo, it can be helpful to clear things out as best you can. Or if you are just moving in, take a bit of time to think about the placement of your furniture before you settle on one orientation.

Do You Really Need All Of That Stuff?

In American homes, we tend to feel uncomfortable until the place is brimming with decor. It helps us to feel as though we are successful, but ultimately, this approach can give off the opposite of the intended effect. When your home is cluttered, it can feel junky and cheap.

Think of your home as a curated space, like a museum or an art gallery. If you have been to a European art museum, they often crowd paintings together on the wall in order to fill more space, but you can lose sight of the importance of the work. Instead, giving your decor a little space to breathe can help you to have a more elegant interior, so consider throwing out some of the things that you have lying around.

Discover Your New Interior With Paisley House In Houston, TX

If you are having trouble adapting to a smaller space, talk to our team about ways to make it work. To find out more about our interior design services, give us a call at Paisley House Design & Interiors in Houston, TX at (713)463-7600!