Expand Your Floorplan With A Home Addition

Home Addition Houston TXIf your living space is getting a little cramped, have you thought about adding on some additional space? One of the most popular ways of doing this here in East Texas is through the construction of a new home addition, and this can be a great opportunity to enhance your house. As the real estate market becomes more and more difficult to navigate, this can be a way for you to remain in your current home, while still giving you more space to live and play.

With our team of expert interior designers and decorators at Paisley House in Houston, TX, you can take advantage of your newfound floor space with a beautiful and functional design. Whether you have a new family member or a baby coming home with you, or if you would just like some more room to move around, your interior design can make all the difference. Take the time to meet with our team at our retail shop just west of downtown and see what we have to offer. Paisley House is here to help!

Love Your Home, But Need More Space? Think About Expansion

When you find that you are running out of space in your current home, do not just rush to the idea of moving. Adding on an additional room might be the solution to your space problem. With a new home addition, you can expand your existing space to make a little bit more room for you and your family.

Here in Houston, we are rapidly becoming denser, meaning that the available homes in your area might be skyrocketing in price. Rather than jumping from home to home, think about maximizing the functionality of your property with a new home addition. Be sure to look at all of your local rules and regulations about this in order to stay within your rights.

Matching Your New Room To The Aesthetics Of The Rest Of Your Home

Designing a new home addition can make it hard to match the feeling of the rest of your home, but that is what you want. If you are struggling with your interior design, reach out to a trusted local team of designers to learn about positive steps you can take. You need a cohesive vision, and also, you want to have the tools that you need to turn that into a reality!

Find Out More With Paisley House In Houston, TX

If you are having a hard time with your interior design, our team is here to help. Stop by our store in Houston, TX, or give us a call today to learn more. Reach out to us at Paisley House Design & Interiors in Houston, TX at (713)463-7600!