Keep The Texas Spirit In Your New Design

Southwest Interior Houston TXWhen you are looking to plan for the design of your new home, is it important to you that you give off a Texan aesthetic? For many of us, our region is a huge source of pride, but you may struggle with finding elegant ways that you can incorporate a Southern or Southwestern American feeling. Here in the bustling metropolis of Houston, it can be a struggle to balance your love for Texas with the city environment.

If you need to make a change, talk to the team at Paisley House about your options in interior design and decoration. Give us a call or stop by our shop and showroom just west of downtown in Houston, TX, and discover how we incorporate our love of both our city and our state into our designs. Be sure to tell us about your interior needs so that we can help you to make positive choices that benefit you both now and in the future. A timeless Western feel could be exactly what you’re looking for!

Using Your Environment To Tell Your Story About Texas

The thing about Texas is that everyone here has a unique relationship with the state. No matter whether your family has been here for generations, or if you have recently moved here, there is a certain feeling that inspires a great amount of emotion. Use this to your advantage in your interior design by incorporating elements of The Lone Star State.

At the same time, relying upon too much of these elements can leave your space feeling kitschy and cheap, so speak with a talented design team about ways to keep things elegant. For some new homeowners, it is just as important to find the balancing point for your Texan decor. Talk to our staff about subtle ways to show your regional pride.

Show Your Visitors What Texas Means To You

Even with all of the culture that comes along with the great state of Texas, you might have your own interesting spin on your interior design. That is perfectly fine, and in some cases, it can be beneficial to incorporate less-common iconography into your home!

For instance, rather than plastering bluebonnets everywhere you go, you can scale things back a little and use a small yellow rose here and there. People are more perceptive than you might imagine, so let their eye wander and find the little touches on their own.

Exude Texas With Interior Design Services From Paisley House

When you want to bring an elegant touch to your quintessentially Texas design, talk to our team about your approach. For more information, speak with our talented design team at Paisley House Design & Interiors in Houston, TX at (713)463-7600 today!