Playing With Wood And Color

Dark And Stormy Houston TXAre you struggling with your design choices in your new home? Or perhaps it is time to make a change with one or more of your current rooms? If you need help in finding a solution for your interior design questions, spend some time discussing your next project with a helpful member of our team. Sometimes, these decisions can be difficult to make on your own, so reach out to a helping hand in the creation or redesign of your living space.

With our team at Paisley House in Houston, TX, you have the opportunity to work alongside quality designers with years of experience in crafting beautiful interiors. Stop by our retail shop just west of downtown to get an idea of our vibe and be sure to ask all of your questions! We are here to help you to develop your own unique dense of style for your living spaces. Whether you are moving into a new place or trying to freshen up your current location, our staff can guide you to a space that you can call home.

Your Choices In Wood Tones Can Make A Huge Difference In Your Interior Design

One of the topics that can give new homeowners trouble is in the decision of what woods to use. This material is found all throughout the average house, and if you are unsure as to which path to take, you could be held up in the rest of your design choices. Spend some time with a trusted team of interior decorators to understand the advantages of each option.

Some people enjoy deeper rich tones in their woods, and this can be an elegant way to add a little gravitas to your room. On the other side, lighter shades can be a bit more uplifting, taking away some of the heaviness of your space.

Learn About How Colors Can Affect Your Experience

Your color choices also play a huge role in your new design, and these tones interact significantly with your woods. Going too dark with your paint or wallpaper can give you a heavy and oppressive feeling if you also chose a deeper wood for your furniture and decor. On the other hand, going too light on everything can leave your spaces feeling washed out or outdated. Take the time to speak with our team about ways that you can play with the combination to achieve a sophisticated look.

When You Need Help With Your Interior Choices, Call Paisley House

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