Embracing Deeper Tones In Your Space

Dark Colors Paisley House Houston TXThere is an idea within the world of art and fashion that someone is always about to shatter your ideas of quality design. During the interior design process, many people hold on to concepts that might be outdated, and the use of darker colors in a living space is one of these rules. Today, people are able to achieve beautiful and robust rooms with deeper shades, so feel free to experiment with all tones in your design.

At Paisley House in Houston, TX, we can help you to understand the shifting trends in interior design so that you have more freedom in your style. Show your visitors that you take chances, while giving them a comfortable experience that just feels like home. Often, deeper tones can create a more calming environment for them to relax and feel at ease, so each out to our team about your options. Give us a call or stop by our store just west of downtown, and learn a little about what we’re about!

Take Advantage Of The Full Spectrum Of Colors In A New Living Space

When you are designing a new room or full home, you might be limiting yourself to traditional colors. While there are benefits to learning key design concepts, it is also important to break from your old ways of thinking from time to time. The right accent might not fit with conventional thought, but this might be an interesting element that captivates your visitors.

Many new homeowners shy away from the use of deeper tones when deciding on a color for their walls. The thought is that a dark room will seem smaller and less inviting than a brighter neutral shade. While there is some truth to the science behind this claim, that does not mean that you are limited in your choices. Take a bold stand in your design!

Finding The Rooms That Fit With Deeper Shades

If you are looking to incorporate darker colors in your choice of paint or wallpaper, it is important to make a plan. While sparing use of these tones can give you areas that are elegant, an overreliance can lead to a dim house or apartment. Instead, identify the spaces that would most benefit. One of the chief areas where this might help you is in a study or home office, where you can show off your elegance when needed.

Learn About Your Possibilities With Paisley House

Are you struggling with your interior choices in your new home or redesign? If so, speak with our staff about all of the opportunities that you have, including the use of deeper tones for your paint or wallpaper. Give us a call at Paisley House Design & Interiors in Houston, TX  at (713)463-7600!