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Considering A Summer Remodel? We Can Help!

Outdoor wooden deck being remodeled with new red cedar wood floor boards being installed

While some people may prefer to leave any remodeling or home make-overs to a professional interior designer, others may prefer to take a crack at the process on their own. Indeed, doing your own remodel or redesign can save you costs, if followed correctly, and offer a number of other unique benefits. With summer finally… Read more »

Tips To Optimize Your Interior Redesign

Posters on grey wall above wooden desk with computer monitor in open space interior

The time has finally come for you to start your interior design project! Indeed, changes can certainly brighten up a space and bring an entirely new vibe or elicit a brand-new feeling from a room, and having the help of an interior designer can bring your project to the next level. Though this may be… Read more »

Major Remodeling Pitfalls You Want To Avoid

separating layer, measuring the overlap of two layers, PVC membr

In our previous blog, our team took a look at a few common home remodeling or redesign myths that serve as a barrier to beginning a new project. Though we agree that not everyone enjoys the art of remodeling, we believe it is important to express your character and personality in your spaces, as they… Read more »

Addressing Common Remodeling Myths

Blue living room interior with a gray sofa during renovation process. Unfinished floor, boxes and a ladder in the corner. 3d rendering mock up

It goes without saying that just as every person has their own unique set of features and ideas, so does every home. To elaborate, we recognize that many houses may be designed with the same exact floor plan or in a manner to mimic surrounding/ neighboring houses, but it is the level of customization you… Read more »

Refreshing Your Space For The Spring

3d rendering. modern living room in townhouse.

Your house is more than just the walls that give it shape, the flooring, or even the pillow you rest your head on at night: it is your home. Enjoying your space and making it yours is part of the rewarding process of remodeling, redecorating, or even rebuilding. Another important part to consider is how… Read more »

Three Things To Know While Remodeling

Close up. Side view of pretty joyful Caucasian woman alone painting room in new house in green color. Beautiful female renovating home painting wall using roller brush redesigning apartment

Knowing you want to pursue a room or home makeover is the simple part of the process, and where to start is often the area that many people are not certain about. Indeed, redesigning and revisioning a space can be such a rewarding and creative process, but relying entirely on desire is not going to… Read more »

Ready To Begin Your Remodel?

Two interior design or graphic designer at work on project of architecture drawing with work tools and color swatches, colour chart, color samples for selection, renovation and technology concept.

Whether you are looking to make a few appliance or fixture updates to your home or you desire a complete remodel altogether, our team has got you covered. Indeed, taking on a home project can be a fun way to exercise your creative freedom, and nothing is better than the feeling of completing a project… Read more »

DIY Updates To Help Increase Home Value

Daydreaming a new home

Many individuals have goals for the future that may include purchasing a home and raising a family. The truth of the matter is, however, that several factors and circumstances can influence how these are achieved, and oftentimes a person’s first home is not going to be their forever home. Nonetheless, it is important to feel… Read more »

A Remodel Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful

interior design remodel

We understand that the prospect of revamping your home can feel both exciting and daunting. On the one hand, you can make improvements that will help your house feel closer to becoming the home of your dreams. On the other, there is a lot to balance — from budgeting to finding an interior designer to… Read more »

Major Considerations For Home Remodel

Portrait Of Happy Young Couple Sitting On Floor Looking Up While Dreaming Their New Home And Furnishing

As the year is wrapping up and coming to a close, there is a lot to reflect on. We are, after all, in December of 2021, and a year and a half-long pandemic is all but behind us. This coming year, there will be room for great change and what better way to start than… Read more »