Tips To Optimize Your Interior Redesign

Posters on grey wall above wooden desk with computer monitor in open space interiorThe time has finally come for you to start your interior design project! Indeed, changes can certainly brighten up a space and bring an entirely new vibe or elicit a brand-new feeling from a room, and having the help of an interior designer can bring your project to the next level. Though this may be the case, it is also important to have a healthy vision, budget, and set of expectations before jumping head-first into the process. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX interior designers take a look at a few tips to consider that can help bring your interior redesign to the next level.

Things to Do for Small Spaces

One of the biggest concerns people may run into when it comes to a redesign project or room flip is what to do with the space that they are given. Indeed, small spaces can be tricky to address, but that certainly does not imply that they are impossible!

Let’s take, for example, remodeling a long but not-so-wide living room. If you are attempting to maximize your space without overcrowding it, consider “breaking down” the space into three separate areas by utilizing furniture that is small in scale. This helps the space feel a bit more open as opposed to crowded and long.

Another example of optimizing a small space may include using a lighter color of paint so as to make the space appear larger in scale. Finally, filling out a small space such as a bedroom could benefit from placing a bed against one side so as to make the space appear larger. Further, utilizing bookshelves may be tricky in this space, so we recommend using wall-mounted shelves to open up floor space.

Proper Materials for Various Spaces

In addition to tips for making the most out of a small space, we recommend considering your flooring very carefully. For example, a few types of wood that are excellent choices for designing purposes include oak, mahogany, and cherry. For more casual designing, however, maple, bamboo and pine are great casual choices.

Another material to be conscientious of includes glass. The purpose and use of a room influences this choice as well, and some of the best options to consider include flair granite, ottanta, retro, and more. For more information about this process, give our team a call today.

Unique Ways to Utilize Lighting

Lighting is another important factor to consider. In fact, one great role of thumb is that using light in a room should consist of 80 percent of lights overhead with 20 percent of wall-mounted or stand lighting.

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