Addressing Common Remodeling Myths

Blue living room interior with a gray sofa during renovation process. Unfinished floor, boxes and a ladder in the corner. 3d rendering mock upIt goes without saying that just as every person has their own unique set of features and ideas, so does every home. To elaborate, we recognize that many houses may be designed with the same exact floor plan or in a manner to mimic surrounding/ neighboring houses, but it is the level of customization you put into it that turns it into your very own vision. While DIY home remodeling may seem like the simplest answer, there are loads of misinformation out there that can actually make the process a nightmare for some. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX interior designer looks at common remodeling myths and what we can do to help you.

Remodeling is Inexpensive

When we think of renovation and remodeling, many of us are quick to think back to reality television such as house-flipping shows and magazine articles. Though they may seem as though they are providing useful information and examples to base your ideas off of, the reality is that these forms or media exist to glorify the process with incorrect statistics and a lack of depth about the actual process itself, let alone how it impacts you and your unique parameters.

Some examples of misdirection that can convince people that remodeling is inexpensive include failing to include labor costs as well as elements of project management. According to professionals, a quote should include the cost of materials, labor, project management and oversight. In other words, do not base your budget off of what you saw on television, because chances are it will cost you more than you signed up for. For more information about this process and how our team can help, give us a call today.

The Low Bid is the Best Value

Another common misconception clients may have regarding hiring a redesign team is that the low bid is the best value. The thought process behind this fallacy is that by going for the lowest bid, you can simply fix up any mistakes with the extra money you would have spent on the higher bid.

According to experts, contractors with similar experience will offer relatively similar bids. What’s more? The cost it takes to fix mistakes of the lower bid tend to end up costing more than the higher bid, actually making it the most expensive option.

Making it Up as You Go

Starting with a solid and well thought out plan is always going to be the best idea. Making it up as you go can contribute to higher costs, more time to complete a project, and overall dissatisfaction with the process. In other words, take care to make sure that the goal set was actually met.

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