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Taking A Look At Our Projects

Modern mid century interior of living room ,leather armchair with wood cabinet on blue wall and wood floor ,3d render

Finding inspiration for a home remodel or redesign might come naturally to some, but for many, we experience mental blocks that can make pursuing your dream design more of a chore than it needs to be. Indeed, sometimes all it takes is a small spark of inspiration to get the gears turning and the ball… Read more »

Your Role In Your Home Remodel

Young brunette woman creating her Feng Shui wish map using scissors. Dreams and wishes

It goes without saying that not everybody is born with an eye for the basic elements of design, but that does not mean that anyone can’t learn! Indeed, trends evolve over time, but there are still elements that remain timeless, necessary features of every model home. The ability to convey your wants and desires to… Read more »

Considerations For Your Brand-New Kitchen

Paisley House

Nothing is more rewarding and fulfilling than getting to reimagine a space in your home exactly how you have always envisioned. In fact, many people have a goal to one day work toward an ideal home, a welcoming living space, or, in the case of today’s blog, the perfect kitchen. While there are certainly a… Read more »

What To Keep In Mind For Your Bathroom Remodel

Contemporary hand drawn bathroom interior design. Engineering and architecture concept.

It goes without saying that there are a variety of considerations to make when remodeling your home. For starters, which rooms will you be remodeling, and what elements are you intending to convey? What’s more? The overall function of each space plays a major role in determining what is absolutely needed and what you can… Read more »

Designing Your Home From The Ground Up

Built a cottage on the site. Construction site. Wooden frame of the home from a bar. The house wooden foundation. Building of houses under the key. Production of wooden houses.

While remodeling rooms in a house is certainly an exciting way to add your own flare to your space, sometimes starting from scratch can help get the creative juices flowing. Indeed, the majority of elements in a room can be altered, such as the molding, floors, and so on and so forth, but at the… Read more »

Pros and Cons of DIY Remodels

House Construction Framing Gradating Into Finished Kitchen Build.

When designing or redesigning your home, there are a great deal of factors that should be taken into consideration. After all, cost, time, and effort all contribute to a successful home project. The truth of the matter is, however, that there is a common misconception that designing is going to be a pain-free process. While… Read more »

Your Flooring Matters Tremendously!

Man chosing the right flooring for his house/appartement

Designing or redesigning a space for the first time can be a rewarding experience for many. Bear in mind, however, it takes a lot of care and consideration throughout the process. Indeed, you will likely experience hiccups, clashing concepts, and many more setbacks before completing your project, and our team is ready to help steer… Read more »

Added Guidance From Our Retail Store

Close-up of two women choosing samples of wall paint. Interior designer consulting a client looking at a color swatch. House renovation concept

When deciding on a home remodel, it can be difficult to determine the very first step. After all, there are a variety of factors to look at, and some aspects work well together while others clash entirely. What’s more, the design you envision may be troubling to put into words, and miscommunication can easily lead… Read more »

Consider This Before Your Remodel

Interior designer making hand drawing pencil sketch of a bathroom. Interior design projects concept

Your home is arguably the biggest purchase you are going to make in your lifetime, so it makes sense that it is up-to-par with what you are looking for as far as design goes. Indeed, there is a lot of factors that go into designing, redesigning, and remodeling a room or even an entire home…. Read more »

Planning A Home Remodel? Start Here

A home remodel offers the opportunity to adjust or augment your home to provide functional and esthetic benefits. It’s rare to find something you consider a “dream home” already on the market, because your wants and needs are specific to you. A remodel allows you to shape a home to the precise specifications that you… Read more »