Planning A Home Remodel? Start Here

Planning A Home Remodel? Start HereA home remodel offers the opportunity to adjust or augment your home to provide functional and esthetic benefits. It’s rare to find something you consider a “dream home” already on the market, because your wants and needs are specific to you. A remodel allows you to shape a home to the precise specifications that you need. If you’re planning a home remodel, it’s important to have a sense of what you want to accomplish, and the timetable the project may require. If you’re about to begin this process, start here with a helpful overview.

How Long Are You Planning on Staying in the Home You’re Remodeling?

A big question you should answer before starting your home remodel is, “What is the future of this current home?” Are you planning on staying in this home for five years? 20 years? Your lifetime? The scale of the project you tackle may be tied to how long you plan on living in your home. It’s also an important consideration if you’re planning on selling the home one day. Making a highly specific alteration to the home may be great for your lifestyle, but it might make the home more difficult to sell in the future. You’ll want to consider these factors before you start your project.

Get an Idea of the Cost and Timetable for the Project

Expectations are everything when it comes to an interior design project. Having expectations for how your new space will look and feel can help you determine whether the project was a success. You’ll also want to create expectations for the project cost and timetable. Working with a budget and timeline will help you get a more accurate quote from any contractors you may employ during the project. It’s also a great way to keep yourself on track and prevent any unnecessary spending during the project.

Have an Interior Design Plan for Your New Space

Expanding your kitchen or adding a back patio can create a significant lifestyle upgrade for you and your family, but you’ll want to make sure that form follows the function. Your new space still needs to blend with your existing space, and that’s where interior design can help. Plan for how your new interior space will mesh with the current interior, as well as the other rooms in your home. Your kitchen expansion should not only fit with the current kitchen esthetic, but it should also consider the dining room’s esthetic in the process. Working with an experienced design professional can help.

Work With Paisley House on Your Home Remodel and Redesign

Interior design can tie an entire space together. You want to get these elements right during your next big project, and Paisley House can help. Our design team can bring a space to life, while allowing it to compliment the other parts of your home interior. You can even find furniture pieces and finishings at our retail store to complete your space. Learn more about the interior design services and retail store options at Paisley House in Houston, TX by contacting our location at 713-463-7600.