Three Things To Know While Remodeling

Close up. Side view of pretty joyful Caucasian woman alone painting room in new house in green color. Beautiful female renovating home painting wall using roller brush redesigning apartmentKnowing you want to pursue a room or home makeover is the simple part of the process, and where to start is often the area that many people are not certain about. Indeed, redesigning and revisioning a space can be such a rewarding and creative process, but relying entirely on desire is not going to be as helpful as you might have initially expected. In fact, a satisfying finish should not be the only factor you consider, and livability deserves a spot in the running. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX interior designers examine a few factors to keep in mind while you are remodeling a space, and we offer solutions to help bring your vision to life.

The Overall Purpose

It is very seldom that you begin a project in the same exact mindset you complete it with. This is true for virtually everyone, as things happen! Perhaps a flooring style was not as sustainable an option for your needs as you initially thought, or maybe you have had a change of heart and have decided that a certain pattern absolutely does not have a place in your space.

Indeed, changes such as these and a host of others are a natural part of the home redesign process. What’s more? Losing sight of the projected outcome or initial vision has been known to occur, and sometimes this results in leaving out important elements.

One such example may include the overall purpose of your space. For example, say you are styling a living room or den. While you certainly want to make sure that the room itself conveys your ideas, communicates what you want it to, and is visually pleasing, the last thing you want is to create a gorgeous space that cannot receive guests. Factors such as these are important to consider, which is why our team always encourages clients to revisit their purposes during the process.

Accommodating Time

In addition to considering your overall purpose of the remodel, another important factor to consider is how your design will hold up in the long-term. For instance, what about storage? As human beings, we tend to accrue items over time, and being able to have ample and effective storage is a must. Further, an expanding family might very well be in your future, and ensuring your space is unbothered will be virtually impossible. These, among others, are factors we encourage our clients to consider.

Can You See Yourself Happy Here?

Finally – and probably the most important consideration to make – do you see yourself happy here? While remodeling can be a rewarding experience, it is not a sustainable practice to remodel yearly or frequently. To this, we say don’t settle! Look at previous projects, check out various home furnishings and designs, and ask questions! We want you to love the final result, and we will work with you to ensure it is nothing short of exactly what you want.

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