Keeping Things Light In Your Design

keeping things light houston txOne of the areas in which families are moving in their interior design is toward a lighter, more open feeling in their home. This shows up in a number of ways: increasing the amount of natural light, slimming down the size of furniture, and even expanding the floorplan through removing unnecessary walls. The latter can be especially powerful when combining a kitchen and a dining area, as these places are so entwined that an open connection can help facilitate the conversation.

When it’s time to talk about lightening up the space, talk to Paisley House in Houston, TX. Our team understands the value of a functional space, and a more open, airy feel can help you to experience your home in a different way. Quality interior design relies upon the connection between form and functionality, and when you work with lightness in mind, it can help you to find the right balance. To learn more or to schedule your one-on-one interior design consultation, give us a call today!

Enhance The Experience With An Airy And Open Feel

Having a house that flows well is important to people, no more than ever. If you turn on any home renovation show, you can see this in action, as demo teams are constantly removing walls in order to create a more open floor plan. Over the last few decades, we have been moving more toward this concept, and that means that many homes could use an update to match our current way of life.

Lightness brings power in design, and so learning how to use it properly can help you to create a home experience that really feels like you. If you have been tripping over your furniture and just feeling held down by your home, talk to a team of experienced interior designers and decorators about ways to utilize lightness throughout your living space.

Factor In Your Daily Activity When Keeping Things Light

You spend a ton of time at your home, and you need to understand how your new design would feel each and every day. Sometimes, little annoyances can become serious inconveniences, and by keeping your daily experience in mind, you can create a home that flows and suits you well. Keeping things light within your home can be a great way to make sure that you can functionally use your home, through the expansion of natural light sources and a freer floor plan.

Find Out More With Paisley House

Do you feel overpowered by your furniture and decor? Put the focus on brightening up your space. To find out more about keeping things light in your interior design, give us a call at Paisley House Design & Interiors in Houston, TX at (713)463-7600 today!

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