Balance Style And Function In Bathroom Design

bathroom design houston txIs it time to change up your bathroom? When thinking about your new bathroom design, there are two things that are important to consider. The first is the function of the room you are looking to enhance, which impacts the daily experience of living in the space. The other is the form, or the style, of what you are looking to accomplish. Form and function can often oppose each other, so finding the right balance is key in giving you a beautiful space that just feels right.

When you want to have a better bathroom, talk to our team at Paisley House in Houston, TX. From the first step in finding your vision through to completion of your interior design project, we can help you to have a beautiful bathroom design that fits your home in both style and function. This all starts with a one-on-one consultation, so give us a call or stop by our shop just west of downtown to get started!

A Beautiful Bathroom Can Enhance The Experience

Your home is more than just a place to lay your head. Having the right design plan for your home can significantly enhance your daily experience, and some rooms play a huge role in providing a quality atmosphere for both you and your guests. Kitchens and bathrooms are key areas of your home, and if you have been thinking about making a change, it is important to talk with a design expert about your options.

These areas need to be functional, and the right design incorporates both style and function into the space. So, when you are looking at changing up your bathroom design, how do you balance form and function?

Think About Your Daily Activity When Designing

You do many different actions within your bathroom, from showering to brushing your teeth, and many of these include water. This means that certain stylistic choices might seem great at first glance, but they can become a problem during your daily life. Taking note of these concerns can help you to make the right decisions when planning your bathroom design.

One of the most effective ways of doing this is by envisioning yourself in the space. Thinking about your daily activities when making design choices is a helpful way of predicting issues. If a certain tile feels slick on dry hands, it could become a hazard when it gets wet. Before you instinctively choose a full glass door for your shower, think about the risk.

Learn More About Bathroom Design With Paisley House

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