Find Your Spring Feeling Early

Swatches Paisley House HoustonAs the weather starts to warm up, so do our colors. If earth tones and herbal feelings are your style, you do not have to wait until spring to start thinking about changing the design of a room. These themes can work fantastically year-round to give you an inviting communal space that feels like home. Beyond its comforting nature, green has scientific advantages through the study of color theory. Shades of green such as viridian olive can be used to simultaneously make people feel at ease and energized.

The color theory applications of green make it a fantastic color for use in interior design. You can bring in hints within your rooms, as this is also a versatile solution. This means that you are not limited in use with spring tones, and it can tie your home together. These shades also allow you to pair your rooms with items of a complimentary color, which in this instance is red. Create striking contrast while maintaining a livability as the weather starts to turn with elegant earthiness from Paisley House in Houston, TX.

Bring Things Together With The Color Of Healthy Life

When the winter starts to fade, we naturally look at the growth of the world around us. This miraculous time sparks an energy in us all, as flowers begin to bloom. While we might not see the harshest of winters here in Houston, spring brings an abundance of new plant growth. There is an increased vitality alongside this part of the year for a reason. Capture that feeling by using green shades in your home.

Energy And Dignity With Your Earth Tones

Deeper greens and ones that incorporate brown can give you a sense of dignified elegance. There is a reason that these colors are used in more formal attire. Olives can be useful throughout the home, and in particular can add a notion of dignity to an office or a study. Emeralds can give a bedroom a lifted style that feels personal. All throughout your living space, greens can help you and your guests to ground yourself and connect to the home.

Designing Your Rooms With Paisley House

Earth tones are a wonderful way of bringing a sense of liveliness into your living space. Embrace your emerald nature with green shades in your personal spaces, and extend that comfort to your guests in your communal rooms. Stop by our retail store to discuss your ideas, or feel free to give us a call at Paisley House Design & Interiors in Houston, TX at 713-463-7600. From the redesign of a room to a full design of your new home, we are here for your design needs. Start with us from the beginning of your concepts and we can help you through the process.