Thinking Through The Function Of Design

Thinking Through The Function Of DesignWhen you think of something as being “designer,” you probably think about the look. Is it unique? Is it sleek? How something looks may have a large impact on how you view it esthetically, or how you think about the value of its design. However, looks aren’t everything. The true artistry of design comes from creating something useful and functional, and packaging it in an aesthetically pleasing way. This is how you should approach any interior design project. While you want the visual final product of your redesign to sing, it needs to start with a solid, functional foundation.

Think Through the Function of Your Home Design

When starting a redesign of any space, you should consider how you use that space. The use case for your kitchen may be different than it is for someone else. What do you need from the space? Would an open kitchen be more helpful for entertaining? Do you want to prioritize counter space to make your day-to-day cooking easier? Knowing how you use any given space in your home will help you approach the design of this area. It can inform all of the choices you make with regards to layout, furniture, and even wall colors.

Could a Redesign Improve the Utility of a Space?

If you’re modeling the needs of your redesign on your current lifestyle, it will help you through the process. You should also consider what opportunities you could create for yourself with a redesign. Do you not utilize your back patio because it doesn’t suit your lifestyle? Or do you not utilize the space because there is something inherently obstructive about the current design of the space? It can be helpful to walk through a mental exercise wherein you imagine how your day at home would ideally start and end. Use this process to guide your design choices.

Fill in Esthetics Around Your Functional Design

Functionality doesn’t have to lead to boring visual choices. Rather, you should build the design esthetics that you enjoy on top of your functional plan. Add the textures, colors, and furniture pieces that you want to compliment the utility of the space and accentuate its best features. How can you orient the layout of the room to highlight a key furniture piece while improving the flow of the space? This is where the true artistry of design comes into play. You may even consider working with a professional to achieve this goal.

Trust the Design Professionals at Paisley House in Houston, TX

To help your vision come to life, you may turn to a professional. The team at Paisley House is ready to build layers of eye-catching esthetic on a functional design plan that improves your lifestyle. Whether you have a full-realized plan, or just the seed of an idea, we can help you create a beautiful space that suits you. To learn more about the design services at Paisley House, or to learn about the products we offer at our retail space, contact our Houston, TX location at 713-463-7600.