Common Interior Design Pitfalls

Common Interior Design PitfallsThere are many different elements to consider when it comes to any interior design project. No two projects are exactly alike, and there’s no absolute right and wrong way to approach a project. Before you undertake a redesign in your home though, you should at least be aware of some of the common interior design pitfalls. Having a basic awareness of these common missteps can help you avoid them and set you up for success. Again, there are no absolutes when it comes to style and design, but here is some helpful advice as you get started.

Be Considerate of Scale in the Space You’re Designing

Scale is something that’s easy to overlook as you plot your design project. This is especially true if you become enamored by a particular piece of furniture or a wall decoration. You want to make sure that the elements you’re adding to the space feel cohesive in terms of scale. A giant sofa that takes up a majority of the floor plan can cause a space to feel claustrophobic. An end table that’s too small can catch the eye in a negative way. You also want to beware of a room that feels too “samey.” Choosing furniture and decorative pieces with a variety of sizes and heights can change the eyeline of your guests and cause the space to feel more dynamic.

Be Mindful of Your Fittings and Fixtures

The placement and design choice of fittings and fixtures within your space can have a dramatic impact on how the space looks and feels. Be mindful of the lighting fixtures in your space. Interesting, dynamic lighting fixtures can cause a space to feel alive, where as standard overhead lighting can feel oppressive and generic. The placement of a curtain rod, or the appearance of the baseboards all play a part in the overall composition of your space. That’s not to say that you need to spend a fortune getting designer finishings on everything, but you don’t want to dismiss or overlook these elements.

Don’t Let Clutter Busy Your Space

You want the space you design to feel composed and cohesive. Color schemes, the use of texture, and the right furniture piece all play a role in how you feel about your space. However, you don’t want to overcrowd your space. Too many accessories or furniture pieces can cause your space to feel overly busy. That busy feeling can create discomfort for you and your guests. Keep your scheme simple and purposeful when choosing design elements, and don’t be afraid to scale back once you have everything in place.

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