Thinking About Mixing Styles?

mixing styles houston txBlending your two favorite styles can be a great way to create a unique space that really feels like your own. However, when it is done improperly, this can leave you with a jumbled mess that does not have the character that you want. When you think about mixing styles, particularly when you want to incorporate industrial elements into a rustic design, it is important to map things out so that you blend the two in a way that makes sense.

At Paisley House in Houston, TX, we can help you to make positive decisions with your interior design. Our team has years of experience turning drab houses into elegant homes, and we are here to help. If you are thinking about juxtaposing two different styles in your living space, talk to our team about making a plan. With industrial rustic design, careful planning can make all the difference, and Paisley House is here to help you to make sense of the combination. give us a call today or stop by our retail shop just west of downtown!

What Defines An Industrial Interior Style?

When you look to remodel or upgrade your home’s style, you want to know the characteristics that you are looking for. This is especially true with an industrial motif, as without the right plan, you could be left with a bunch of junk. Picking the right pieces makes a huge impact on your ability to be successful in your interior design.

Industrial items focus on the utilitarian benefits, stripping away unnecessary elements. Think of things like exposed brick, open floor plans, and metal accents. This style helps you to have a functional space that feels clean while keeping some character.

Mixing Styles With A Rustic Charm

If your other element is a rustic style, it is a solid choice. This combination is commonly called “industrial rustic,” and it has become a popular solution all across the United States and beyond over the past few decades. There is decided history backing this move, as well.

As people move back into the cities after populating the suburbs in the 20th century, converting warehouse spaces into lofts and apartments has become a frequent occurrence. In these areas, exposed brick and duct work was often left in order to bring a more open space. But just because you live in a single-family residence, it does not mean that you cannot take advantage of this approach.

Find Sleek Charm With Paisley House!

Mixing styles can be difficult when you try to go it alone, and with industrial rustic, this struggle can be particularly hard. For more information, stop by our shop or give us a call at Paisley House Design & Interiors in Houston, TX at (713)463-7600!