A Better Home That Suits Your Style

better home houston txWhen your home doesn’t feel quite right, it can make your daily life harder than it needs to be. If you have been thinking about making a change to your house or condo, redesigning your space could give you the right feeling whenever you walk in the door. Redoing your home can be an exciting prospect, and we are here to make things go as smoothly as possible in working toward a better home.

Here at Paisley House in Houston, TX, we understand the value of having a home that matches your personal style. Our city is a vibrant mix of cultures, and has been since its very start, so we have a lot of textures and colors to work with in giving you a home that looks beautiful and feels even better. Start your journey off right with a visit to our shop just west of Downtown Houston and tell us about your next project. Or give us a call and schedule a one-on-one discussion about your home!

Your Home Needs To Match Your Personality

If you moved into a home and it still looks like they still live there, it is time to make a change. No two people have the same tastes, and your visitors can pick up on that as soon as they walk in the door. From your choice of cabinetry wood to the furniture you keep, having a space that is just your own is important, and not only for your guests. Feeling like a stranger in your own home can make daily life just a bit more difficult.

Whether you need a full remodel of your home or if you are looking to upgrade an important room like your kitchen or bathroom, our team is here for you. Your home should match your style, and if it just doesn’t feel like you, set up a time to talk with our talented designers and decorators.

Bold Or Subtle? What Suits You Best?

Here in Houston, we are an absolute melting pot, full of diverse cultures and the styles that come with them. This means that you have a wide amount of latitude when choosing your new design. With that said, you want your home to appear cohesive, so it is important to start with the right concept. At your consultation, we can talk about your options so that you can plan for your new home redesign the right way.

Design A Better Home With Paisley House!

When it is time to upgrade your living space, talk to our team about how you can see a better home every time you walk in the front door. To schedule a time to talk further, give us a call at Paisley House Design & Interiors in Houston, TX at (713)463-7600!