Prioritizing Function Throughout Your Design

Rustic home design with ethnic decoration. Bed with pillows, wooden furniture, plants in pots, armchair and curtains on large windows in cozy bedroom interior, nobody, flat lay, panorama, free spaceMaking the most of your space is an important concept to keep in mind when initiating your home design project. While the sky is the limit in terms of your ideas and vision, sometimes we are only allotted a very specific amount of space that even renovation or rebuilding cannot address wholly. Still, there are ways around this conundrum, and our team is more than happy to teach you all that we know! In today’s blog, your Houston, TX interior designers explore the process of prioritizing your space’s function without having to sacrifice elements of your overall vision.

Remember, You Will Live Here!

One of the biggest pitfalls or mistakes we see people fall into is forgetting that the space they are designing is one that requires functional consideration. For instance, have you ever been to someone’s house with a room that has been designed a specific way but offers no functional value? Sometimes a formal living room or formal dining room can fall into this category, and while it is great to have a designated space for certain times of the year, keep in mind that you are getting no use out of this space for the majority of the time.

You see, you and your growing family will require every bit of space you can get your hands on, and making the most out of this space is a major consideration to make. Fortunately, our team’s experience and eye for design are ready to help.

When making the most from your space, consider the room’s intended function. Once this has been solidified in your mind, make a list of factors that do not make sense to add. To learn more about this process and how we help, give us a call today.

Ideas to Address Storage

Another major consideration to make in terms of function includes considerations for storage. You see, storage is something you absolutely do not want to skimp on. For many, it is a requirement as attics, basements, sheds, and other traditional storage options of the like may not be feasible.

In order to incorporate function without sacrificing your design, consider furniture and other appliances that have storage built right in! Contact our team today to get started.

Making Your House a Home

The last thing you want is to invest great time and effort into your design just for it to feel like a glorified picture. Remember, this is your home! It should reflect important elements of your personality, your taste, and your overall comforts! Our team will meet with you for a free consultation to learn about your wishes, and then we can get started.

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