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snow-white luxury apartment interior with Egyptian-style decor wIt goes without saying that there are several factors to consider taking on a new home remodel, redesign, or build. Not only are there major pitfalls and factors you want to avoid, but there are factors that often get forgotten, such as the need for a permit, hiring the correct contractors, etc. Even down to the “what” of a design can become a major hurdle over which you must pass, and fortunately, our team is here to help. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX interior designer discusses different approaches and factors to consider when determining your design vision.

Take a Look at Our Projects

Sometimes starting a remodel or redesign is an easy process due to a clear-cut vision. Other times, however, a person may have an idea and not know how to proceed. What’s more? Some may even have a sort of direction or vague concept of what will work, but filling in the details can be a completely new ballpark.

We recognize that knowing exactly where to begin is something that does not come with every project, and sometimes, a few extra steps must be taken to get those creative juices flowing. In an effort to showcase some of the concepts and themes we have been able to put to life in the past, we provide samples of our very own projects.

Indeed, many people learn and comprehend in different ways, and having a physical representation of themes, concepts, and ideas can make the process less conceptual and more realistic. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, go ahead and give us a call today.

Bringing a Concept to Life

One of the major considerations to make that accompany a redesign or remodel involves bringing volume and dimension to your space. This includes understanding the way colors complement each other, how to make use of negative space, and more.

Being able to bring a theme or concept to life requires an experienced eye, and Paisley House can help throughout the process. Some examples of our previous projects may include coastal living, gracious south, Hillshire village, sophisticated urban living, memorial, suburban chic, modern city living, alive with color, and color done right. Contact our team to learn more about our projects today.

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While one can imagine a space coming together based off of images, nothing quite beats getting to look at, interact with, and feel furnishings and furniture in person. Our retail store features a curated set of unique home furnishings, art, lighting, home décor, and practically every other element you can think of.

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