Debunking Myths About Remodel Feasibility

Rear view of confused businessman looking at arrow signs below facts and myths textThere are a variety of ways one can seek inspiration for a home remodel or redesign. For example, you may look at previous projects that others have completed, build the ideal room/home on Pinterest, or even consult with a professional. The sky is the limit! Where most people go wrong, however, is when false information and myths cloud their judgement, causing them to either spend more than anticipated or discourage remodeling altogether. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX interior designers take a look at a few common myths surrounding the interior design and remodel process, and how you can achieve the dream space you envision.

It Costs More to Hire a Designer

One of the biggest pitfalls out there involves the notion that it costs significantly more to hire an interior designer than it would be to take on a home improvement project yourself. After all, all you need is YouTube and Pinterest, and you’ve got yourself a DIY setup, right? Not so much.

Indeed, remodeling a single room is one thing, but remodeling an entire home is a completely different process. Further, first-time remodelers often think in terms of materials and labor costs, believing that they can save money by cutting the cost of labor if doing the work themselves. In reality, however, there is much more to consider than just these. For instance, unexpected expenses might include skilled technicians, permits, engineering, and more. Further, your chances of mismeasuring, making a mistake, and costing yourself more in the long run increases drastically if you do the job yourself, especially if this is your first project.

When compared through a cost-benefit analysis, hiring a professional offers many more benefits that are worth the labor charges, and it is best to ensure the job is done right the first time around. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Following the Latest Trends

One thing to know about art and design is that trends tend to drive the market. Though this is a factor to consider, it is not always best to dive head-first into the latest trend there is. After all, trends, by definition, end, and the last thing you want is to invest significant time and money into a project that will be considered out of style in a few months’ time.

Pools Add Significant Value

Another pitfall is the idea that pools and other “upgrades” add significant value to your home. When discussing your interior design and home remodel project, you have to consider your layout, your limitations, and more. What’s more? The value of a project will largely depend on the personal preferences of a future buyer, and there are countless buyers who intentionally do not look for places with a pool. This could end up making it more difficult to sell your home down the line.

Schedule A Consultation

There are a variety of myths surrounding the remodel process, and we can help guide you in a manner that keeps your best interests in mind. Contact Paisley House Design Interiors in Houston, TX by calling 713-463-7600 to learn more and schedule your initial consultation with our team today.