What To Know About Choosing Patterns

Colored triangle seamless pattern (vector eps 10)Matching colors, textures, and more during the design process can be a fun and enriching experience for some. For others, however, it may feel like a nightmare. After all, that’s what an interior designer is for, right? By our book, not necessarily. Indeed, we want you to have ownership in your remodel or rebuild, and while we will absolutely provide tips, tricks, and direction, at the end of the day, it is your home and your design. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX interior designers explain what it means to understand your patterns, and how patterns play an important role in achieving your overall vision.

Avoid Overcrowding Your Space

Though you may stand by the notion that you do not utilize patterns, the truth of the matter is that patterns exist in a variety of mediums. Take, for example, the layered design in your hardwood flooring. This constitutes a unique pattern, just as the veins in marble or the flowers in a wallpaper design. Even if you choose to paint the walls a solid eggshell color, you will have to consider that the tiles on the ground or the hardwood floors you want produce a sort of texture and pattern.

Believe it or not, patterned fabric can actually change the scale of a piece of furniture – or at least the appearance of the item. Indeed, some displays can quickly be made to look clunky, loud, and even crowded based on the fabric that is chosen. As such, it is important to consider this notion when choosing your textiles so as to avoid overcrowding a space or giving the appearance of doing so. For more information about this process, reach out to our team today.

Provide Contrast and Balance

Because patterns are present in virtually every medium used in interior design, you will want to keep an open mind about the way these arrangements meld together (or in some cases, do not). One piece of advice to keep in mind is that contrast can provide a striking yet beautiful result, but too much will throw off the balance of your space. Make sure to stay within your chosen color palette, but also do not be afraid to toy around with the contrast between light and dark.

Learn What Doesn’t Go

Although you likely understand that certain patterns or designs will not complement each other in the slightest (we are looking at you, polka dots and zigzags), sometimes subtler patterns do not mesh well with others, and this is often a process of trial and error. We will take care to help you bring your vision to life and provide assistance along the way so that your remodel is everything you’ve ever wanted.

Consult with Our Team

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