The Role of Texture in Interior Design

The Role of Texture in Interior DesignInterior design consists of many different elements all working in harmony to create an esthetic. The choices you make with regards to each of these elements can influence the mood and ambiance of a given environment. You are probably familiar with color palettes and the ways in which a paint choice can influence a space. You’re probably also aware that the orientation of the furniture in a room can influence how the room is used. One of the often-overlooked components of interior design, though, is texture. Different textures can play an important role in interior design.

Contrasting Fabrics Create Balance in a Space

Just as colors can be mixed and matched to create a complimentary look and feel in a room, textures can work together as well. Contrasting fabrics can add baland and dynamism in a space, especially when the color palette is consistent. You can look to integrate these contrasting fabrics via the furniture — like sofas and armchairs — and the curtains and blinds. You may also consider changing up the fabrics between the upholstery of your furniture and the cushions on your furniture.

Accessories Are a Great Place to Add Texture

The accessories you use to fill out shelves and tables provide an excellent opportunity to incorporate different textures within a space. Mirrors, vases, and lamps can all add interesting textures that play off of the fabric choices you’ve made within a space. A well-executed injection of texture can work much like a pop of color would in your interior design scheme. You should be careful not to overdo it with the variety of textures you use in a space, however. Just like a room that features 10 different colors, an overabundance of textures can create a clash.

Plants and Fixtures Add Texture as Well

An excellent opportunity to add texture, color, and life to a space comes from the incorporation of plants. Plants and flowers create many benefits within a space, not the least of which is the introduction of differing textures. Differences in plant height, petal size, and color all contribute to the overall esthetic of the room. The same can be said for fixtures and fittings. The door handles on cabinets, the light switches, and your faucets all play a role in the overall design of a space. Consider how you can make these elements work together.

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