Traditional Living

The clients family has contacted Joani for many projects over the years. In addition to helping with new decorations and design ideas, Paisley House has been on board when they have made additions and upgrades to their home. The client also contacted Joani to help with their rebuilding project after Hurricane Harvey flooded their lot. Through every project, Joani uses her familiarity with the client’s tastes to provide them with designs they love. These projects are so successful in part because of Joani’s ability to reconnect with the family, listen to their goals for their newest project, and make sure their home sees amazing redesigns!

We Understand That Clients Have Needs That Change Over Time

Designers who don’t build strong relationships with their clients can fall into two traps: They can present new trends without listening to what a homeowner really wants, and they can keep presenting ideas that worked in the past without listening to how a client’s tastes or needs have changed. Joani built a great working relationship with the client by consistently listening to their desires, and by using her knowledge and experience to help unlock exciting design possibilities!

Creating A Space For A Growing Family

The client’s sons are grown, but the family wanted their home to serve as a hub for their family even before their boys went out into the world. With that in mind, our design work has helped them establish inviting rooms, perfect for gatherings to celebrate holidays and birthdays. They would also be prepared to comfortably host more people as their sons begin families of their own!

The Right Design Touches Can Open Up Exciting Possibilities

To help the client maintain a space that would truly suit their family needs, it was important to set up rooms that felt cozy and intimate. These terms tend to apply to smaller spaces, so how would we go about making people feel close to each other in large, open rooms? Joani was able to subtly bring people close with the arrangement of furniture and decorative pieces. By doing so, we could give the client their private, sheltered space while still making smart use of the area available to them! Check out our photos from the project to see for yourself effectively this works!