Hilshire Village

Paisley House’s work at Hilshire Village started during the design phase, which meant Joani could provide input and insights while the architect and homeowners were finishing their plans. The owners saw this project as an opportunity to create a dream home for themselves and their family, and we were excited to help them create it!

Check Out Hilshire Village’s Beautiful French-Inspired Style

When working with the couple who would live in Hilshire Village, Joani listened to what they wanted, and reviewed their goals and visions for their living spaces. They had a deep interest in French-inspired designs, and the styles that resonated with them ranged from palatial, Versailles-inspired features to cozier touches from the Norman countryside.

As we worked out the details of the interiors for Hilshire Village, we incorporated the owners’ love of French styles into our plans. You can see formal features at the front of the house, while rural touches soften interiors in the back rooms. The moldings and wall accents received a great deal of attention throughout our design plans, and they aid terrifically in giving spaces added degrees of charm and class.

The Right Materials Help Bring Out The Best In A Design

To create a breathtaking look for Hilshire Village – one that captured the ornateness of their home as well as its quainter charms – the right materials were crucial. You can see for yourself how the inclusion of brass handrails, reclaimed wood floors and cabinets, marble countertops, iron gates, and antique doors give the interiors a timeless appeal.

See Hilshire Village For Yourself!

Check out these images of Hilshire Village! We can help you create your own French-inspired interiors, or we can guide you with other visions you have for your home design!