New Beginnings

New Beginnings

As I write my first blog, I find myself with a new beginning. After dropping off our youngest son at college this past week, I am simply wondering how could this all have happened so fast?

I am a mother and businesswoman, with both struggles and successes. We have our two sons, and our business, Paisley House, which is also our child of sorts. But, my husband and I have now raised two boys, one fully launched and the other, on the way to life as an adult. We are blessed with two amazing young men, and for the most part, parenting has been an amazing ride. Although there were sleepless nights, frustration and tears, what we have today is accomplishment, joy and a grateful heart. I wouldn’t trade any of these moments, as they have created the young men we have today.

Today, I feel the same about “raising” Paisley House. She started as an infant, grew to a toddler, and now, I believe we are in our teen years. Her rapid growth and the miles ahead greatly excite me, even as the past has been a roller coaster of emotions. However, we are thankful for the sleepless nights, frustrations, tears, as they’ve given us so many accomplishments and in turn, joy.

I am excited now for this new beginning, where I am still a wife and mother but also a woman entrepreneur with a lot of runway ahead of her……and a lot more time to create!

If you are new to Paisley House, we welcome you with an open heart and to our wonderful Paisley House clients: we thank you!  We look forward to many years to come as we evolve, and evolve and evolve and we can’t wait to have you come along with us!

Talk Soon,