Life of Joani: An Adventure in Empty Nesting

Life of Joani: An Adventure in Empty Nesting

So, I’m in my first week as an empty nester. I am feeling the extreme need to deep clean. Is that another form of nest? I’m not sure… My first step was to examine the aftermath in my son’s room after dropping him off at college. I did a pass through, assessed, then had to step away for a moment. Then, with my grit…I dove in…cleaning, dusting, and throwing away. I was on auto pilot!

I thought, “he’s away for the weekend, right?”. That’s what my mind told me, I’ve got to get it done. Then, poof! Back to reality. This is real. So what happens next? TOTAL CHANGE!

I have time to think and walk and see what is before me. My beautiful house is tired! Completely remodeled 10 years ago, it caught the better of the very busy years of two very active boys. On first glance, there are still beautiful things all around and yet, upon further inspection, chipped paint, dented walls, flat sofa cushions, stained carpet, faded fabric… This house, our home, has lived!

It’s been great, but now on to the next chapter! I’m ready to hit the refresh button and it’s going to be fun! (stay tuned!!) I need a minute to get a plan together but I can’t wait to share it with you!

Empty nesting…here I come!

More soon,